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Terrazzo construction

Terrazzo construction

In the decoration of the ground, there is a decoration effect called terrazzo floor. This kind of decoration is to use the grindstone to lay the ground. Then the terrazzo construction is how the process is, and the construction price of the terrazzo is much. When customers ask questions about terrazzo, they will ask about the price of terrazzo construction. The construction price of terrazzo is related to its material, color, pattern, area, area and other factors. Below we look at the color and area, let me take a look at the construction price of terrazzo.

Terrazzo construction

Terrazzo construction process:

First level the ground construction layer. This is what every floor decoration needs to do. Smooth the bulge or the upper part of the floor and clean it up. In addition, the leveling of the construction layer needs to pay attention to the flatness of the cement mortar. The cement mortar should be even and not too much water.

Next, the divider is fixed. Use a divider to make the terrazzo more tidy and make the final look better, but the divider needs to be exactly the same size and protected after it is finished to prevent damage to the divider.

Then wipe the surface gray. After the separation factor is set, the time is usually three days, then a layer of plain pulp is applied to the leveling layer, and the roller is used to make the wipe more uniform.

Followed by polishing. This is the main step in the construction of terrazzo. The cement slurry of the surface layer is ground away and the stone mortar is smoothed. The need to pay attention to polishing is the grasp of time, not too early, nor too late, or it will have a bad effect on the final engineering effect.

Finally waxed. Apply a layer of wax to the surface of the terrazzo to make the terrazzo more bright and beautiful, and easier to care.

Terrazzo construction

Terrazzo construction price

In addition, the terrazzo construction can also be hardened, the price is relatively affordable, but the hardness of the terrazzo after hardening is greatly improved, it is more wear-resistant, durable, and does not require frequent maintenance and maintenance. Therefore, many companies choose this treatment. Program. In addition, there is a crystal magic stone, he is a kind of anti-cracking does not need a separation strip, however, this terrazzo construction price is higher, generally a square of about 300 yuan, therefore, is not particularly common.

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