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Terrazzo construction

How much is the ground on the grindstone?

Is there a difference between terrazzo and grindstone? How much is the ground on the grindstone? Epoxy floor paint contains carcinogens such as MDA and TDI, and marble and ceramic tiles are also radiation. What about interior design and renovation? Concrete seal curing agent polishing concrete terrazzo gold diamond grinding stone can get everything, away from decoration poison. The new polished concrete terrazzo diamond grinding stone and silicon-grinding stone integrate the ground, wall and landscaping design, emphasizing the naturalization, art and ecology of architectural design and interior design, focusing on the wide application of new cement composite materials. Meet the requirements of building industrialization and green building, and meet the modern people's fear of life and health. The new polished concrete terrazzo diamond grinding stone and silicon grinding stone are convenient to construct and easy to operate. They can be prefabricated or cast in the field. The whole is seamless, pressure and impermeability, corrosion resistance and friction resistance. Is there a difference between terrazzo and grindstone? How much is the ground on the grindstone?

The cement-based grindstone floor material is composed of special cement, selected aggregate and various additives. It is mixed with water to form a self-leveling material with strong fluidity and high plasticity. It is suitable for fine leveling and all of concrete floors. Paving materials, cement-based grindstone flooring materials are widely used in civil and commercial buildings.

How much is the ground on the grindstone?

How much is the ground on the grindstone?

1. Is there a difference between terrazzo and grindstone? How much is the ground on the grindstone?

There is no difference between terrazzo and grindstone. A terrazzo is an abbreviation for terrazzo floor. These are traditional terrazzo floors. The popular terrazzo floor is made of concrete seal curing agent to form a wear-resistant terrazzo. The commercial floor or the top floor, this terrazzo floor is more beautiful than the top marble and can be seamless. How much is the terrazzo floor? Depending on which terrazzo floor you are making, the price of the traditional terrazzo floor is very cheap. It is more expensive to make the concrete seal curing agent into a wear-resistant terrazzo. It is made of seamless terrazzo floor, and it is also called top terrazzo floor, or inorganic sandstone floor.

Second, how much is the ground of the grindstone? Terrazzo ground construction plan?

The price of terrazzo floors depends mainly on which terrazzo floor you make. Now, the terrazzo floor can be divided into three categories, which is the latest terrazzo floor. The terrazzo floor can be divided into: traditional terrazzo floor, terrazzo solidifier floor and top terrazzo floor. The prices of these three terrazzo floors are also different. The price of traditional terrazzo is the cheapest, about 80-150 yuan / square meter, terrazzo seal curing agent floor, need to use Naluite armor concrete seal curing agent, silk Concrete seal curing agent and nanometer grindstone seal curing agent, the price is naturally more expensive, about: 150-260 yuan / square meter. The top terrazzo floor, also known as seamless terrazzo floor, requires not only Naluite armor, silk concrete seal curing agent and Naluite stone seal curing agent, but also cement self-leveling. Into a seamless floor. The terrazzo seal curing agent ground and the top terrazzo floor pass the use of Naluite armor concrete sealing agent and grinding stone seal curing agent. After compaction and hardening, the gloss can reach 80 or more, and the clarity can reach 95 or more. How much is the construction price of terrazzo floor? The terrazzo floor is a widely used floor material in public buildings, such as hospitals, schools, commercial places, etc., and terrazzo floors are used in large quantities.

How much is the ground on the grindstone?

How much is the ground on the grindstone?

Due to the low price and good performance of the terrazzo floor, it has been recognized by many consumers. So, today we are going to introduce you to the construction process and construction price of the terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo ground construction technology and price. The terrazzo floor is smooth and is a composite floor material. The construction of the terrazzo floor is a complicated project. Here is a brief introduction for everyone, including:

(1) Preparation work for the terrazzo floor, mainly for the preparation of construction materials and the clarification of operating conditions.

(2) Defining the terrazzo construction process: processing, wetting the base layer → ash cake, making ribs → wiping screed → curing → inlaid grids → paving cement stone slurry → curing trial grinding → grinding the first time and Grouting → grinding the second time and replenishing the slurry → grinding the third time and curing → oxalic acid wax polishing

(3) Concrete operation of terrazzo floor

1. Make terrazzo floor screed screed with 1:3 dry hard cement mortar, first flatten the mortar, then use a pressure ruler to flatten the squeezing ribs, then use a wooden trowel to smooth and compact.

2, do the terrazzo floor grids inlaid with pure cement slurry in the lower part of the grid strips into the octagonal corners of the long seat embedded firmly, the copper wire to be buried. The application height of pure cement slurry is 3~5mm lower than that of the sub-bar. The grid should be inlaid firmly, the joints are tight, the top surface is on the same plane, and the flatness and straightness are checked by the line.

3. The terracotta surface of the terrazzo surface must be strictly measured according to the mixing ratio. The stone surface must be smeared with the wool at least twice to check the uniformity of the stone, and then smooth with iron trowel. Compact, until the slurry. It is required to flatten the corrugation and the stones on the top surface of the sub-bar should be removed.

4. The large-area construction of terrazzo floor construction should be ground with a mechanical grinder. Small areas and corners can be ground with a small portable grinder. When mechanical grinding is not possible, manual grinding can be used.

Regarding the construction price of terrazzo floor, the price will vary depending on the region. The construction of terrazzo floor mainly depends on the price of workers and the price of raw materials. We can provide customers with the best cost performance and the construction plan of Naluite terrazzo hardened floor. Reasonable quotation! We can provide customers with free on-site model construction, you recognize the value of the sample, we will do a detailed quotation plan!

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