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Terrazzo construction

Terrazzo curing

The surface hardness of the terrazzo is 6-7, and the overall appearance is good. Many people think that only the old ground can be sealed and cured. The new terrazzo can only be waxed and cured. There is no need to do terrazzo curing. Jincheng Floor believes that this view is not economical. Please see the analysis below. .

The cement-based grindstone floor material is composed of special cement, selected aggregate and various additives. It is mixed with water to form a self-leveling material with strong fluidity and high plasticity. It is suitable for fine leveling and all of concrete floors. Paving materials, cement-based grindstone flooring materials are widely used in civil and commercial buildings.

First of all, the terrazzo floor is one of the concrete, which has the characteristics of cement, is easy to weather and aging, has a rough surface and large voids, has poor stain resistance, and is difficult to clean after being contaminated. Although it is possible to improve the surface finish by daily cleaning and waxing, it is necessary to consider the loss caused by long-term repeated operation: 1. A lot of labor and cost; 2. The surface of the terrazzo is rough and old. And the waxing gloss keeps the time short, and it is necessary to do the work of waxing, waxing and waxing frequently, and it is easy to slip. The single cost is lower, but the long-term cost is higher. Only to properly protect the surface, generally three to five years later, the terrazzo will appear as a phenomenon of sand and pebbles falling off, which will become a low-grade and cheap ground. At this time, it will be refurbished to consume more financial resources and influence the daily operation.

Terrazzo curing

Terrazzo curing construction

If the terrazzo solidification construction is carried out at the beginning, the terrazzo floor can reach a Mohs hardness of 8-9, and the curing agent penetrates into the ground 5-10MM, forming a hard crystal in the joint of the grindstone and the cement, and the large value is improved. Hardness, strength, wear resistance; excellent impermeability, oil can be easily removed, it is not easy to leave traces. The ground surface of the terrazzo is high-gloss and does not slip, and it is permanently dust-free and sand, which makes the cement and pebble better. The service life of the terrazzo after curing of the terrazzo has increased by more than 20 years. The single cost is relatively high, but in the long run, it saves at least a large amount of money per square meter per year compared to the cost of waxing. Do not need to do other maintenance on the ground where the terrazzo is solidified. You only need to use water to mop the floor, saving a lot of cumbersome things. From this point of view, the new terrazzo is still more cost-effective to do the terrazzo curing, to avoid all the floor troubles in the future.

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