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Terrazzo renovation

Epoxy floor renovation

At present, we often see epoxy floor paints are widely used in a variety of occasions, such as basements, warehouses, factories, parking lots, etc. But often people, cars or heavy machinery are exercising on them, and wear and tear will occur. If the floor is damaged, it will not only have problems such as easy ashing and sanding, but also affect its protection to the ground. If dust enters the machine, it will cause mechanical damage, so later The terrazzo renovation process is very necessary.

Cement-based grindstone flooring materials with high technology content and complicated technical links. Cement-based grindstone flooring materials are dry-mixed powdery materials composed of various active ingredients, which can be used on site. Unfolding, you can get a high leveling base. The hardening speed is fast, you can walk on it in 24 hours, or carry out subsequent works (such as laying wooden floors, diamond plates, etc.). The construction is quick and simple, which is unmatched by traditional artificial leveling.

How to do terrazzo renovation ?

1. What if there is a pothole on the floor of the epoxy floor? We will first use a sander to level off, remove the ground with empty drums, and then use pots or cement for pothole treatment.

2. If there is oil on the floor of the epoxy floor, the oil should be cleaned and then applied.

3. In the process of terrazzo renovation, the first thing to do for the old epoxy floor is to completely remove the old floor of the epoxy, and then carry out the construction according to different floor types.

Through the above-mentioned treatment methods of terrazzo renovation. In addition, Jincheng osmosis liquid hardener can also be used, which can make the ground achieve a sealed and firm effect and completely solve the old ground problem.

The terrazzo renovation, we achieve for you: 50 years of service life, maintenance-free renovation.

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