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Terrazzo renovation

Renovation of old cement floor

Nowadays, the new factory floor is generally designed as emery wear-resistant floor, epoxy floor or sealed penetrant floor. These floors can meet the requirements of manufacturers for wear resistance, beautiful appearance, no sand and no dust. However, there are still some industrial workshop floors that were previously built on the old ground such as ordinary cement concrete floors, epoxy floors, terrazzo and floor tiles.

Cement-based grindstone flooring materials with high technology content and complicated technical links. Cement-based grindstone flooring materials are dry-mixed powdery materials composed of various active ingredients, which can be used on site. Unfolding, you can get a high leveling base. The hardening speed is fast, you can walk on it in 24 hours, or carry out subsequent works (such as laying wooden floors, diamond plates, etc.). The construction is quick and simple, which is unmatched by traditional artificial leveling.

Renovation of old cement floor

The disadvantages of concrete floors, terrazzo and floor tiles are as follows:

1. After the ordinary concrete floor is generally used for several years, under the action of the forklift, there will be different degrees of sanding and dusting on the ground. With the increase of service life, plus the effects of carbonization, water erosion and weathering, the surface of the ground will continue. Powdering, affecting the appearance and normal use.

2. The terrazzo floor and the floor tile floor can solve the problem of sanding and dusting, but the surface layer itself is peeled off from the concrete base layer. Under the action of gravity, it is easy to cause the floor surface layer to be shelled, hollowed, and broken. The phenomenon of falling off not only affects the smoothness and cleanliness of the ground, but with the use, the damage area will become larger and larger, the service life will be shortened, and the normal use will be affected.

The danger of the old floor to the company:

1. Because the factory is equipped with high-grade mechanical equipment, the dust on the ground can easily be attached to or drilled into these equipments, causing equipment failure; this will delay the production of the factory, which will cause delays in the order (may be To the huge amount of compensation); also spent a lot of money on the company to repair equipment, the loss to the company is very large;

2. There are many raw materials and electronic components stacked in the factory. The dust on the ground is also easy to attach to these materials and electronic components. This will cause troubles in product quality and production, and there will be bad products. Affect the company's brand image, causing huge economic losses;

3. As a production-oriented company, the general customers (especially foreign companies) or leaders will go to the workshop to learn about the production process and condolences to the employees; if the ground is full of pits and dust everywhere, customers or leaders are certainly not satisfied, It will cause the company to lose many customers and directly cause losses to the company. 4. If the floor of the workshop is not treated, there will be a lot of dust and pits on the ground, so the relevant certifications of the factory (such as: ISO9001, ISO9002, ISO14000, etc.) cannot pass. .

In response to the above problems, many old grounds will be required to be refurbished to meet the requirements of use, to deal with the following solutions for the renovation of old ground.

Option 1: Jincheng Concrete Sealing Curing Agent (suitable for mild sanding, painting on the old floor to improve the hardness and strength of the concrete itself!)

Product introduction:

Jincheng Concrete Sealing Curing Agent is a kind of concrete sealing, dustproof and wear-resistant hardening agent. It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-combustible. Through effective penetration, it chemically reacts with chemical components in concrete to form a network in three-dimensional space. The structure solidifies the various components in the concrete into a solid body, thereby obtaining a dust-free and dense whole, which permanently prevents the concrete dust from being separated from the surface voids, effectively improving the strength, density and wear resistance.

1, the service life: more than 50 years

2. Scope of application: It is applicable to all kinds of new and old concrete ground secondary treatments that require dust-free, increase overall compressive strength, hardness and wear resistance, and smooth surface.

3. Advantages: less investment; long service life; can repair small pits; short construction period, does not affect the normal production of the factory; dustproof, wear-resistant, bearing pressure, impact, easy to clean, saves annual maintenance Fee; easy to construct, can be constructed without moving equipment on site (segmentable partition construction);

4. Construction process

Process Description:

(1) Wash and polish the original ground, and then apply the penetrant in the roller or batch.

(2) Use a sander to remove surface residual materials, such as the sand surface of the wear-resistant floor, the residual gel on the surface of the epoxy resin, the smudge of the terrazzo and the concrete surface, and paint.

(3) 3-5 times from coarse to fine grinding.

(4) Leveling, filling the potholes, and repairing the damaged ground in the early stage.

(5) Spraying concrete seal curing agent requires uniform spraying.

(6) Clean with water.

(7) Polishing with a special crystal machine to make the ground smooth and beautiful. Remarks: You can get on the machine after 3 hours, and you can get on the forklift after 3 days.

Renovation of old cement floor

Renovation of old cement floor

Renovation of old cement floor

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