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Terrazzo floor
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Epoxy terrazzo floor

The epoxy terrazzo floor is made of colorful natural pebbles, pebbles, marbles and shells. The beautiful patterns of different colors and styles can be divided according to requirements.

Epoxy terrazzo floor features and advantages:

·Colorful colors meet unique design needs

· Feeling comfortable

·All the features of natural marble

· Overall seamless, wear-resistant, heavy-duty

·Substrate treatment, grinding, cleaning, dust removal

·Applying epoxy terrazzo primer

· Find a leveling, inlaid copper strip

· Laying epoxy color stone and leveling

· Rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding

·Coating high brightness epoxy transparent topcoat

How to maintain the epoxy terrazzo floor:

1. After the construction of the floor is completed, it needs to be maintained for 7-10 days before it can be put into use. During the curing period, water or other solution should be avoided to infiltrate the surface.

2. Any employee who enters the workshop must be replaced with a rubber-soled shoe (no black-soled shoes that can be worn at the bottom of the foam) (so that the outside sand will be brought into the workshop and the ground will be scratched)

3. Any hardware: such as iron chairs, iron tables, iron shelves, etc., should be wrapped with soft plastic, rubber or paper pad to avoid scratching the ground during use.

4, the tractor needs to fully lift the board off the ground, please pay special attention to the corner of the board when cornering, do not scratch the ground

5. When cleaning the floor, please use soft mop or wet and dry vacuum cleaner, clean with water or detergent, but please pay attention to the ground slippery

6. If it is worn or scratched due to long use time, local repair can be carried out in a small area. If the area is large, it is recommended to re-roll once.

7. Before the equipment enters the factory, lay the bottom of the cardboard box on the floor to avoid scratching the ground during the transportation equipment.

8, carts, cart wheels, please use hard or elastic rubber wheel, and separate use inside and outside the plant

9. Epoxy terrazzo floor can be waxed according to ground requirements (the effect can prevent ground scratches)

Mefulel Epoxy Terrazzo Floor Paint is widely used in shacks, canteens, boat rafts, electronics, biochemistry, manufacturing, food, clothing, machinery, printing and dyeing, papermaking, chemical, instrumentation, electroplating, sports, parks, parking Fields and other fields will provide you with a neat, bright, peaceful and environmentally friendly production.

For the epoxy terrazzo floor paint is expected to be able to assist everyone, the Meruile floor use guide generally goes to say that the floor does not require the protection of the odd, but there is no doubt that the protection of Liangzhu will have more effective use. Delay in the use of life: the first side: do not use the machine, please try to build too heavy knock on the outside of the air, do not use the unusually strong and strong items to knock out the air, unless the needs of the matter, please build Stop the stagnation and wear unnecessary. We are there, we recommend you to know more about Meifule, Jingzhou Water Mill Floor, etc., and look forward to assisting you. The epoxy resin fixture made by molding the mold is the main method: the simpler surface, the double drawing is first made into the enamel mold, and the molding machine is pressed to suppress the molding. The grinding disc first adopts the 600-grade oil stone layer by layer. Common varieties are epoxy floor paint, epoxy floor paint and so on. Upper wax: Wipe on the wax or rub it with a canvas that rotates at a lower speed. More similar articles: the scope and characteristics of the use of the Muffler epoxy wear-resistant floor wear-resistant floor since the 70th century in the last century to go in the West Europe.

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