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Terrazzo floor
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Epoxy gold grindstone floor

Epoxy gilt millstone floor is a new type of floor that simulates terrazzo floor construction. It has all the excellent properties of epoxy floor, designed into various patterns and reflects design flexibility.

Jincheng Epoxy Terrazzo makes the creativity vivid. It is a highly decorative and seamless art floor that can express the unique style of modern building facilities. Epoxy whetstone is made of a variety of special colored ceramic granules, colored glass granules and metal. Particles, high-transparent glass mirrors, high-quality natural shells, mosaics, natural colored sand, agate stone and other aggregates are mixed with polymer resin materials, and are constructed by special techniques such as paving, grinding and polishing.

Epoxy enamel grindstone floor

Epoxy gilt millstone floor is mainly used for high-grade floor which requires good decorative effect, strong impact resistance, wear resistance and certain anti-slip function. Epoxy gilt millstone floor is especially suitable for airport, subway, exhibition hall, Tobacco factory, lobby, office, hospital, school, etc., which pay attention to appearance and durability.

Epoxy gilt millstone floor features:

◆ Colorful, beautiful appearance and good decorative effect

◆ High cleanliness, no seal at all

◆ Good adhesion, wear resistance, impact resistance, compression resistance and high hardness

◆ Moisture-proof, chemical resistant acid, alkali, salt

◆ There are matt, semi-matt, high light, can do non-slip, smooth

Epoxy enamel grindstone floor

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