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Terrazzo floor
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Cement-based grindstone floor

The advantage of the cement-based grindstone floor is that the material is a floor hardener composed of non-flame aggregate, pure Portland cement, admixture and conductive material. After the construction is completed, the ground is subjected to metal impact or friction without sparking, and local When there is static electricity on the surface, it can be instantaneously discharged through the conductive surface layer and the conductive copper wire with preset grounding.

Cement-based grindstone floor advantages:

1. The cement-based grindstone floor is bright and terrazzo, and the high brightness after the surface is brightened to 70 or more, dustproof and non-slip to achieve marble quality.

2, cement-based grindstone floor high terrazzo, surface hardness of 6-8.

3, cement-based grindstone floor highlight terrazzo, can be freely spliced color, color can be customized.

Cement-based grindstone floor defects:

1. The cement-based grindstone floor is heavy. We also know that terrazzo is a kind of concrete product. The weight of a terrazzo floor is about 5kg. The heavier the weight of the terrazzo floor, the more time-consuming and laborious it is in the handling process.

2. The terrazzo floor is easy to weather, easy to corrode and has a short life. The terrazzo floor has poor corrosion resistance. If it is used in high corrosion places or if the terrazzo floor is cleaned with highly corrosive detergent, it will cause serious corrosion of the floor. The service life of the terrazzo floor will be greatly reduced. It may only take a few years in the years.

Construction tips:

If you want the cement-based grindstone floor to have a high-end atmosphere, it is as beautiful as the epoxy grindstone floor. You have to use a grindstone curing agent and an armor concrete sealing curing agent and a crepe concrete sealing curing agent. The cement-based grindstone floor has the same place as the epoxy grindstone floor, and there are also different places.

Cement-based grindstone floor construction renderings:

Cement-based grindstone floor

Cement-based grindstone floor

Cement-based grindstone floor

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