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Terrazzo does not ignite the floor

The terrazzo is not a fire floor, also known as an explosion-proof terrazzo floor. It can be customized to produce non-fired concrete or non-fired mortar according to design needs. It is a functional concrete that can withstand impact without sparks. When metal or hard rock and other objects have mechanical effects such as friction and impact, there is no red burning spark or Mars, and thus flammable and explosive materials. No explosion will occur. The terrazzo non-fire floor is mostly used in gas stations, oil depots, chemical plants and other buildings that are prohibited from fire or have certain fire protection requirements.

Inorganic terrazzo floor will have some problems after a certain period of use, such as: sanding, dusting, falling powder, etc., then we have to do the renovation of the inorganic terrazzo floor, and now the most commonly used is the hardening of the terrazzo. . Inorganic terrazzo will reach 9 in hardness, which is an increase of almost 45.3%. The hardness is increased, the compactness is naturally increased, and the wear resistance is better.

Terrazzo does not ignite the floor

Terrazzo does not ignite the floor

The terrazzo non-flammable floor is packaged in a composite kraft paper bag with a shelf life of 6 months. Exceeding the expiration date must be tested before it can be used. The terrazzo fire-free floor shall be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and the packaging bag shall be sealed, taking care of moisture and freezing.

Terrazzo does not ignite the floor application range: light industrial plant, mechanical friction workshop, electronic precision instrumentation workshop, oil manufacturing and savings warehouse, gas manufacturing workshop, high-voltage substation, logistics warehouse, flammable materials stacking area, laboratory.

Terrazzo does not ignite the floor

Terrazzo does not ignite the floor

Terrazzo does not ignite floor features:

Floor friction does not produce sparks; enhance floor wear resistance and strength; high density, no dust; easy to use, short construction period.

Construction technology of terrazzo non-fire floor:

1. In the process of raw material processing, it is necessary to prevent the introduction of other stones and impurities.

2, according to conventional concrete construction and maintenance.

3, the surface layer should be divided according to the requirements of the specification, the spacing should not be greater than 6m × 6m.

4. The material of the division bar shall be non-ignition materials, such as plastic strips, copper strips and aluminum strips. It is strictly forbidden to use hard materials such as glass strips.

5. If metal strips are used, they should be reliably connected to each other before construction and effectively equipotentially connected to the structure of the house.

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