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Terrazzo floor
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Terrazzo reinforced floor

Whether it is the old terrazzo floor or the new terrazzo floor, the terrazzo reinforced floor is the best way to handle it. The terrazzo reinforced floor can solve the problem of sanding dust, fading color, serious stain pollution, and ground damage of cracks and holes on the terrazzo floor. After some treatment, the surface is dense, the texture is clear, and the sand is not dusty. Beautiful ground.

The terrazzo construction procedure should be carried out in order from the top to the bottom. In the same floor, first make a flat top, wall flour brush, then make a terrazzo surface layer and a footboard to avoid leakage of the grinding stone, affecting the next layer of flat top and wall decoration, while avoiding the scaffolding damage to the surface layer, otherwise There must be effective measures to prevent floor water seepage and to protect the surface.

Terrazzo reinforced floor

Terrazzo reinforced floor

The terrazzo floor is strengthened, and the terrazzo floor will be bright as a mirror for decades, and there is no ground dusting. The terrazzo reinforced floor can prevent the penetration of water, oil, acid and alkali, and it is especially easy to clean the stains. As long as the water is added with a mop, the maintenance cost is greatly reduced compared to regular waxing. Even if the terrazzo floor gloss is reduced, the terrazzo strengthening floor only needs to be polished again to restore the bright and new ground.

The terrazzo reinforced floor has a very good effect on the ground surface of the whetstone. The problem of sanding and dusting on the terrazzo floor is also well controlled, and it is wearable and durable. It can reach 30 years.

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