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Terrazzo floor
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Terrazzo surface

The terrazzo crystal surface treatment is currently the most ideal stone surface maintenance method. The terrazzo crystal surface does not change the stone structure, nor is it coated with a layer, so it does not change the texture of the original stone. After the crystal surface treatment, the stone surface molecules are denser, and the gloss brightness is obviously improved, making the stone surface brighter and more noble. The terrazzo crystal floor treatment accumulates its effects and value during continuous care.

The terrazzo floor tiles are gradually becoming popular in the decoration, especially in some large shopping malls and public places, which are mainly terrazzo tiles, which gradually replace the tiles we use. The terrazzo floor tile manufacturing process is different from ordinary floor tiles. After the surface of the terrazzo floor tile is polished, the pores will be exposed, resulting in a decrease in the finish. The surface of the floor tile is treated with a glaze, the waterproof effect is good, and the dirty water is not easily penetrated, so it is relatively shiny.

Terrazzo surface

Terrazzo surface

Terrazzo surface construction operation process

1. Construction procedure: terrazzo floor finish surface cleaning → terrazzo crack marble glue repair → overall ground grinding 6-7 times → ground drying treatment → ground crystallization treatment → overall ground maintenance treatment → ground cleaning and maintenance.

2. Comprehensive cleaning of the terrazzo surface: Before the crystallization of the terrazzo floor, the surface of the tiling surface is flat, no color difference, the diagonal of each terrazzo is flush, the ground is cleaned, and the ground is cleaned with dry and clean. Clean, no sand and impurities on the ground.

3, terrazzo crevice marble glue repair: After the terrazzo surface is completely cleaned, use marble glue to repair the small spots on each terrazzo and the terrazzo seam, firstly the original damaged surface with marble glue close to terrazzo color repair. Then use a special terrazzo slitting machine to re-cut the slit in the original terrazzo installation, so that the width of the gap becomes almost the same, and then fill it with marble glue close to the terrazzo color (Note: If you have done the seam before) Processing does not require new seams). After the marble glue is repaired, it must be dried before the glue can be dried.

4, the overall ground grinding: After the marble glue is dried, use the grinding machine to polish the whole ground, the overall horizontal grinding, focus on the caulking between the water grindstone (the diagonal between the terrazzo) and near the wall, decoration At the edge of the shape and shape, keep the whole terrazzo floor flat, finish the first grinding, re-cast the marble glue caulking, continue the second grinding with the caulking, and then use the grindstone refurbished machine with the steel stone grinding disc. From coarse to fine, (150 mesh, 300 mesh, 500 mesh, 800 mesh, 1000 mesh, 1500 mesh, 2000 mesh), a total of seven grinding and polishing needs to be completed. The final ground is smooth and smooth, and then polished with steel wool. The brightness required by the design (70 degrees) is reached, and there is no obvious gap between the terrazzo.

5. Drying treatment on the ground: After the sanding is completed, the water on the ground is treated with a water absorbing machine. At the same time, the whole terrazzo floor is dried by using a blow dryer. If the construction period permits, natural air drying can also be used to keep the surface of the terrazzo dry.

6, ground crystallization treatment: the ground side sprinkle K2, K3 syrup, while grinding with a terrazzo polishing machine, using a washing machine with red scouring pad, K2, K3 syrup with the same amount of water sprinkled to the ground, using 175 rev / min wipe The ground load of 45KG began to grind, and the effect of thermal energy made the surface effect of the crystal surface material crystallized on the surface of the terrazzo.

7. Overall ground maintenance treatment: If the terrazzo (sandstone, travertine, etc.) with large voids is to be brushed with terrazzo protective agent, 12 hours later, the K2 and K3 syrup are alternately grounded on the ground with a scrubber. That is, K2-K3-K2-K3-K2 is repeated five times, and then replaced with a white polishing pad, sprayed with a small amount of K1 syrup, and re-polishing once to increase the hardness of the crystal surface of the entire ground.

8. Ground cleaning and maintenance: When the surface of the terrazzo is formed into a crystal mirror surface, use the water absorbing machine to absorb the residue on the ground, moisture, and finally polish it with a polishing pad, so that the entire ground is completely dry, bright as a mirror, if local damage can be used for local maintenance The construction can be completed at any time.

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