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Terrazzo hardening floor project

The terrazzo floor is a wear-resistant, bright ground, and the terrazzo hardened floor is a wear-resistant, bright, stain-resistant and corrosion-resistant ground terrazzo hardened floor is a wear-resistant, bright, stain-resistant and corrosion-resistant floor. The terrazzo hardening floor project refers to the application of the sealing curing agent material on the ground on the terrazzo floor (old terrazzo floor), allowing it to fully penetrate into the concrete and react with the material in the concrete to form a compact The hard body enhances the hardness of the terrazzo floor and achieves the characteristics of super pressure resistance and wear resistance, and plays a role of dustproof and impervious. The terrazzo hardening floor project makes the terrazzo floor have the advantages of the traditional terrazzo floor, and at the same time, it improves the basic hardness of the ground and super pressure resistance.

The cement-based grindstone floor material is composed of special cement, selected aggregate and various additives. It is mixed with water to form a self-leveling material with strong fluidity and high plasticity. It is suitable for fine leveling and all of concrete floors. Paving materials, cement-based grindstone flooring materials are widely used in civil and commercial buildings.

Jincheng terrazzo hardening floor project

Jincheng terrazzo hardening floor project

Advantages of Jincheng terrazzo hardening floor project

1. After long-term use of terrazzo, the gloss is greatly reduced, and it needs to be refurbished regularly to maintain his brightness. The hardened terrazzo floor has good gloss and does not require maintenance and maintenance, which greatly reduces the maintenance and repair cost of the enterprise;

2. The terrazzo floor is hardened because the hardness of the terrazzo is low and it is not wear-resistant, and the surface hardness of the terrazzo after curing is 9 grade, super hard and compressive, and resistant to friction;

3. The terrazzo floor has poor anti-seepage and anti-pollution ability, so it has to be hardened, and it can protect the terrazzo layer after curing, and it can protect against damage and permanent impermeability;

4. The terrazzo construction process is complicated. When the construction is not good, the sand on the terrazzo floor is easy to fall off and cause sanding and dusting, and the strength of the ground after hardening is improved.

The terrazzo hardened floor project is suitable for: construction of machinery, electronics, plastics, hardware, molds, heavy equipment areas, as well as warehouses, docks, parking lots, commercial stores, cargo storage areas, etc.; used as new and old terrazzo floors to achieve Dustproof, wear-resistant and anti-pressure effect. It is effective against chemical attack and improves the service life of the ground.

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