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Terrazzo floor
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Terrazzo floor

The Jincheng terrazzo floor is colored with colored toner scattered on the surface of the initial cement and embossed and colored, and then the necessary sealing protection. Jincheng terrazzo has a wide range of applications, low cost, long service life and is widely used at home and abroad.

Jincheng terrazzo floor is a kind of floor-reinforced material, mold release powder, molding die, professional tools and floor protectant on concrete surface. It creates realistic marble, slate and tile on the surface layer when laying concrete. Natural materials such as masonry, rock, and pebbles.

Jincheng terrazzo floor is an environmentally-friendly chemical building material, and the sealing curing agent floor can make up for the defects of the cement product floor. Applied to concrete floors, concrete floors, terrazzo floors, corundum wear-resistant ground planes. The sealant floor passes a series of sequential chemical reactions to form a dense, durable protective layer that can last as long as the building.

Jincheng terrazzo ground application display:

Terrazzo floor

Terrazzo floor

Terrazzo floor

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