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Terrazzo hardened floor construction

The terrazzo hardened floor construction can be used to protect the ground with terrazzo. Therefore, the construction requirements are very large. The preparation work before the terrazzo hardened floor construction is also very important. What is the preparation work before the terrazzo hardened floor construction? The floor Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction, let's take a look.

The seamless terrazzo is widely used in various public places, halls, stations, etc. It is compared with the popular terrazzo, whether it is the surface texture or the theoretical application life, it has a comparative promotion because of its seamless structure. The group is made flatter, there are no loopholes that contain all kinds of impurities, and it has outstanding construction results. Then, if you want to reach the construction result of fantasy, is it difficult to construct seamless terrazzo in that aspect? Let's stop introducing it for the family.

Terrazzo hardened floor construction

Terrazzo hardened floor construction

1. Performance requirements: wear-resistant - which vehicles will walk when the floor is in use, withstand voltage - how much load the floor will withstand when used, impact resistance - whether the impact will cause the floor surface layer to detach;

2, chemical properties: acid and alkali resistance - the type and concentration of antiseptic chemicals in use; solvent resistance - solvent type and contact time when used;

3, the location of the floor: underground floor or ground floor, whether it needs moisture treatment or choose a special moisture-proof floor;

Terrazzo hardened floor construction

Terrazzo hardened floor construction

4, the basic layer situation, the floor strength generally requires compressive strength ≥ 20MPA, flatness - whether it needs to be repaired with epoxy mortar;

5, beautiful: color - whether you need color division area, brightness - is to choose matte or light, flatness - whether there is any requirement for the flatness of the floor;

6, fire flowers and static electricity: some occasions have this need for the floor; seven is the financial budget and safety requirements: according to the budget to choose the right floor, in the oily environment or ramp need to choose non-slip floor.

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