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Terrazzo copper ground

The terrazzo floor is beautiful in appearance, and its scope and location are relatively wide. Therefore, it has applications in many places in our daily life and plays an extremely important role to some extent. Naluite's polished concrete diamond grinding stone and silicon-grinding stone are the modified products of traditional terrazzo. They solve the problem of cracking, chromatic aberration and anti-alkali of cement. They are cast on site, and the whole is seamless. Seamlessly, there is no microbial growth. Negative oxygen ions can also be emitted. The product composition consists of nanometer negative ion cement mortar, armor, silk concrete seal curing agent and advanced aggregates such as jade, shell and volcanic ash. It is made of pure cement and can be made into S streamline shape, which makes people comfortable and relaxed. It has the characteristics of no TVOC, anti-pressure, anti-seepage, dustproof, anti-slip, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, anti-friction and scratch-resistant. The overall integrity of the ground is strong, the high-end luxury of the aggregate, rich and full color, long service life of 30 years, the surface does not need to be waxed, completely dust-proof, no maintenance. It is especially suitable for indoor and outdoor use in homes, schools, hospitals, factories, workshops, subway stations, exhibition halls and other places.

Cement-based grindstone flooring materials with high technology content and complicated technical links. Cement-based grindstone flooring materials are dry-mixed powdery materials composed of various active ingredients, which can be used on site. Unfolding, you can get a high leveling base. The hardening speed is fast, you can walk on it in 24 hours, or carry out subsequent works (such as laying wooden floors, diamond plates, etc.). The construction is quick and simple, which is unmatched by traditional artificial leveling.

In the process of manufacturing and decorating the terrazzo floor, a material called terrazzo copper strip is inevitably used. It has a big difference in pricing and sales in terms of brand model and quality in the market, which requires consumption. The product can be combined with the specific conditions before the purchase.

1. Construction of terrazzo floor copper strip ground

The terrazzo floor is smooth and is a composite floor material. The terrazzo floor copper strip ground process is a complicated project, so we will only give you a brief introduction.

(1) Pre-preparation work, mainly the preparation of construction materials and the clarification of operating conditions.

(2) Clear process flow:

Treatment, wetting base layer → leveling ash cake, making rushing → wiping ribs → curing → inlaid grids → paving cement stone slurry → curing trial grinding → grinding the first time and replenishing the slurry → grinding the second time and making up Pulp → grinding the third time and curing → oxalic acid wax polishing

(3), operate

1, do screed

For screeding, use 1:3 dry hard cement mortar, first flatten the mortar, then use a pressure ruler to flatten the squeezing ribs, then smooth and compact with a wooden trowel.

2, the grid inlay

Use a pure cement slurry to smear the octagonal corners in the lower part of the division strips. The long seat is firmly embedded, and the iron wire worn by the copper strips should be buried. The application height of pure cement slurry is 3~5mm lower than that of the sub-bar. The grid should be inlaid firmly, the joints are tight, the top surface is on the same plane, and the flatness and straightness are checked by the line.

3, smudged stone surface layer

The mudstone slurry must be measured strictly according to the mixing ratio. The stone pulp surface should be opened with at least two times to sweep the dough, and the stone particles are evenly distributed. Then the iron trowel is used to smooth the compaction until the slurry is finished. It is required to flatten the corrugation and the stones on the top surface of the sub-bar should be removed.

4, polishing

Large-area construction should be ground with a mechanical grinder. Small areas and corners can be ground with a small portable grinder. When mechanical grinding is not possible for local use, manual grinding can be used.

As long as you master the flaws, strictly follow the construction process. The results are very good. The terrazzo floor construction process is actually an art. It can be simple, complex, and can use many processes to create different beautiful and unexpected effects. The terrazzo floor construction method is also a popular method of floor construction. Everyone who wants to decorate can try it, and will definitely get unexpected results.

Second, the terrazzo floor copper strip ground construction needs to pay attention to what

1. The surface damage layer is thoroughly cleaned: the ground damage condition is analyzed, and the floor grinder thoroughly cleans the empty drum or damaged layer and smoothes the base surface.

2, partial repair no omission: fully check the surface of the terrazzo floor without any missing repair.

3, the floor is dry: to ensure that the penetrant and hardener are fully ground into the concrete capillary, which is conducive to the formation of polysilicon layer.

4, penetrant and hardener immersion time is sufficient (more than 4 hours): to ensure the depth of the polysilicon layer.

5, thoroughly clean the ground: terrazzo hardened floor surface without residue, which is conducive to the beautiful floor.

Third, terrazzo copper strip price

The terrazzo copper strip is more expensive, and the stainless steel strip is also brighter. For more information on terrazzo, please pay attention to the top terrazzo floor of Naruth.

1, terrazzo floor copper strip, color: many, hardness: strong, compressive strength: 12MPa, quote: 1.00 yuan a meter;

2, terrazzo floor copper strip, flatness: neutral, base strength: strong, pencil hardness: hard, stamping resistance: high strength, quote: 3.00 yuan a meter;

3, wood floor edge strips edge strips aluminum alloy floor ¥ 3.80

4, copper strips Stair anti-skid strips ¥ 55.00

5, all solid copper bars Striped seams ¥ 11.80

The price of terrazzo floor copper strip ground depends mainly on which terrazzo floor you make. Now, the terrazzo floor can be divided into three categories, which is the latest terrazzo floor. The terrazzo floor can be divided into: traditional terrazzo floor, terrazzo solidifier floor and top terrazzo floor. The prices of these three terrazzo floors are also different. The price of traditional terrazzo is the cheapest, about 50-80 yuan / square meter, terrazzo seal curing agent floor, need to use Naluite armor concrete seal curing agent, silk Concrete seal curing agent and nanometer grindstone seal curing agent, the price is naturally more expensive, about: 80-150 yuan / square meter. The top terrazzo floor, also known as seamless terrazzo floor, requires not only Naluite armor, silk concrete seal curing agent and Naluite stone seal curing agent, but also cement self-leveling. Into a seamless floor. The terrazzo seal curing agent ground and the top terrazzo floor pass the use of Naluite armor concrete sealing agent and grinding stone seal curing agent. After compaction and hardening, the gloss can reach 80 or more, and the clarity can reach 95 or more.

Fourth, terrazzo copper strip effect

The terrazzo copper strip is used to separate the terrazzo floor, and the copper strip is used to separate the high-grade, permanent, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and the like.

Regarding the terrazzo copper strips, we mainly start with the introduction of the product quotation examples and the construction process, and make an easy-to-understand explanation from both the operator and the user. I believe everyone can understand that as a terrazzo floor. The terrazzo copper strip plays an important role in the decoration process. It has many functions. The specific operation process also has high requirements on the professional knowledge background and practical operation experience of the relevant personnel. Therefore, it is necessary for the user to understand in detail before using it. Information on terrazzo copper bars.

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