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Terrazzo surface

Terrazzo products are very common in life and have been widely used in various places. Why are terrazzo products so popular? What are the unique characteristics? Guangzhou terrazzo manufacturers take you to see.

The color of the terrazzo floor can be spliced freely, and the appearance style is much richer than the concrete and corundum ground. However, the terrazzo has relatively poor corrosion resistance and short service life, and is easily affected by aging and weathering, resulting in terrazzo ground ash. And so on. It takes time to renovate the terrazzo. After the terrazzo floor has been refurbished by Mifule terrazzo, the hardness, density and brightness are significantly improved, and the ground is more wear-resistant and longer-lasting.

1. The surface of the terrazzo surface layer is bright, and the brightness after treatment can reach the standard of 70 or more. The terrazzo surface layer is simple to manufacture, the cost is not so expensive, and it can reach the same brightness of other products, so it is popular in the market. of.

2. The terrazzo surface layer has the ability to withstand harsh environments. The quality of the terrazzo surface layer is characterized by no cracking, heavy weight pressure, high temperature resistance, and anti-fouling. Of course, many users will choose such products. Come as a decoration, cheap and practical.

3. The pattern and color of the terrazzo surface layer can be freely selected during the production. Different colors and patterns can be customized according to the overall decoration style. Compared with ordinary floor tiles, it also has good dustproof and anti-slip characteristics.

The above are the characteristics of the terrazzo surface layer. In normal times, our common terrazzo surface layer products basically contain these characteristics. It is precisely because the terrazzo surface layer products have a superior market than other floor tile products, so in the industry. Terrazzo products are more marketable than other floor tiles.

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