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Terrazzo floor
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Modern terrazzo floor renderings

Speaking of terrazzo floor, don't you know if you first think of the state-owned wind floor in a university canteen or a public hospital? If it is still, then please change your prejudice quickly. After all, it is really not fashionable to associate the terrazzo floor with the traditional old school! Up to now, the manufacturing process of terrazzo has been improved several levels. The terrazzo is now extremely smooth, and its curvilinear expression is ideal for art deco and styles that are now prevalent. Let me subvert your original concept of the terrazzo floor and discover the unique charm of the terrazzo floor.

Inorganic terrazzo floor will have some problems after a certain period of use, such as: sanding, dusting, falling powder, etc., then we have to do the renovation of the inorganic terrazzo floor, and now the most commonly used is the hardening of the terrazzo. . Inorganic terrazzo will reach 9 in hardness, which is an increase of almost 45.3%. The hardness is increased, the compactness is naturally increased, and the wear resistance is better.

Modern terrazzo floor renderings

Terrazzo ground - what is terrazzo?

The terrazzo is a product which is ground and polished by mixing aggregates such as crushed stone, glass and quartz stone into a cement binder to form a coagulated product. The irregular stone pattern in the terrazzo is very uncertain and random. It was introduced to China in the late 1950s and applied to large buildings such as schools, airports, hospitals, etc., and slowly withdrew from the historical stage in the mid-1990s.

Modern terrazzo floor renderings

Many people can see the terrazzo in a cold, and they will say, "This is a lot of old soil! However, as a product of the last century, terrazzo has finally started to turn around again. After the designers, the terrazzo has become tenacious in the new environment. Resurrected.

Modern terrazzo floor renderings

Terrazzo Ground - Modern terrazzo floor renderings

Terrazzo ground modern terrazzo floor effect picture 1

Modern terrazzo floor renderings

The splicing floor of terrazzo and marble blocks is very special, and the irregular geometric shape reflects the strong artistic effect.

Terrazzo ground modern terrazzo floor effect picture two

Modern terrazzo floor renderings

This is an artist's residence in Senegal, using local natural materials including bamboo, bricks and thatch. The terrazzo floor blends perfectly into this natural landscape while highlighting the different functional areas of the house

Terrazzo ground modern terrazzo ground effect picture three

Modern terrazzo floor renderings

The color combination of soft pink, gray, white and black terrazzo floors is unbeatable

Terrazzo ground modern terrazzo ground effect picture four

Modern terrazzo floor renderings

With the participation of color, the splicing of color blocks and the rhythm of natural division, the terrazzo seems to be no longer monotonous. Reinterpreting the terrazzo, one stone and three sides, the space is perfectly used to create a comfortable texture for you.

Modern terrazzo floor renderings

Terrazzo ground - the advantages of terrazzo floors

Modern terrazzo floor renderings

After years of technical improvement, terrazzo has the following advantages:

1. The surface brightness can be as high as 70 or more, and the degree of dustproof and non-slip can reach the quality of marble;

2, the surface hardness of 6-8, and the surface hardness of high hardness granite is close, so its wear resistance is very good;

3, terrazzo floor materials and construction prices are relatively low, can be spliced with different mosaics, colors can be customized, it is particularly suitable for wet places;

4, no cracking, not afraid of heavy car rolling, not afraid of heavy objects dragging, no shrinkage deformation;

5, no dust, high cleanliness, can create a clean and clean home environment;

6, non-combustible, anti-aging, anti-fouling, corrosion-resistant, no odor without any pollution;

7, the color is bright and bright, if you need to improve the light to play ordinary floor wax (does not affect its anti-static performance);

8. The decorative grids are horizontal and vertical, no gaps are required between the grids, the connection is compact, and the overall appearance is good.

Modern terrazzo floor renderings

Does this terrazzo floor break through your inherent impression of the terrazzo floor? It’s really beautiful, not only beautiful, but also so many friends who like it.

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