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Terrazzo floor waterproofing

The ordinary terrazzo floor will generally leak water, and the terrazzo floor waterproofing project needs to be made of a special waterproof layer to achieve waterproof function. The single terrazzo surface is waterproof, but there is no waterproof effect after the separation of the copper strips. The surface of the terrazzo is too smooth. If the floor tiles on the surface of the terrazzo will cause the tiles to empty, the waterproof mortar will also lose its effect, so it will be done under the terrazzo. It is the best waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-fouling can also be treated with a sealant on the surface of the terrazzo.

Inorganic terrazzo floor will have some problems after a certain period of use, such as: sanding, dusting, falling powder, etc., then we have to do the renovation of the inorganic terrazzo floor, and now the most commonly used is the hardening of the terrazzo. . Inorganic terrazzo will reach 9 in hardness, which is an increase of almost 45.3%. The hardness is increased, the compactness is naturally increased, and the wear resistance is better.

Terrazzo floor waterproofing

Terrazzo floor waterproofing

The terrazzo floor waterproofing engineering process is:

1. The elevation of the kitchen and bathroom should be checked correctly, paying special attention to the correct position of the floor drain.

2. The quality of the floor drain and the root wall of the pipeline should be carefully checked. The wall hole should be compact and qualified. The root of the pipeline must be caulked as required during the screed construction.

3. The yin and yang angle should be made into a circular arc shape, and straight and flat.

4. Leveling construction: If there are gaps, cracks, and unequal defects on the base surface, repair and smooth with cement mortar. The base surface must be strong, smooth, clean, free of dust, greasy, wax, mold release agents, and other debris.

5. After the screed is dry, the waterproof layer can be constructed. It should be fireproof and waterproof during construction. Construction workers should wear soft-soled shoes.

6. After the waterproof layer is completed, the finished product must be protected and no one can walk. After passing the inspection and confirming the qualification, the concealed project acceptance visa can only be processed before the next process can be carried out.

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