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Made of terrazzo

Jincheng Floor is a professional company engaged in terrazzo floor. The company's self-developed products include: permeable liquid hardener floor (sealing curing agent), concrete dyeing hard curing agent floor, emery wear-resistant floor, colored grindstone Ping, inorganic artificial stone, diamond grindstone hardener floor, imitation stone floor, seamless cast-in-place terrazzo floor, new terrazzo floor, mirror terrazzo floor, high-end commercial art terrazzo floor, diamond stone art floor , permeable concrete floors, colored concrete floors, artistic floors, super flat floors, epoxy floors, advanced terrazzo, old ground renovations, etc. are used in all commercial, civil, military ground works.

The seamless terrazzo is widely used in various public places, halls, stations, etc. It is compared with the popular terrazzo, whether it is the surface texture or the theoretical application life, it has a comparative promotion because of its seamless structure. The group is made flatter, there are no loopholes that contain all kinds of impurities, and it has outstanding construction results. Then, if you want to reach the construction result of fantasy, is it difficult to construct seamless terrazzo in that aspect? Let's stop introducing it for the family.

The cement-based grindstone floor material is composed of special cement, selected aggregate and various additives. It is mixed with water to form a self-leveling material with strong fluidity and high plasticity. It is suitable for fine leveling and all of concrete floors. Paving materials, cement-based grindstone flooring materials are widely used in civil and commercial buildings.

Jincheng Floor is a professional company that makes terrazzo floors.

Jincheng Floor is a professional company that makes terrazzo floors.

The terrazzo floor refers to the cement white stone placed on the screed layer of the cement mortar. After the surface layer reaches a certain strength, the water is polished and waxed with a grinder. In order to adapt to the ground deformation and prevent cracking, it is necessary to pay attention to the practice of dividing the ground into small pieces (1000mm×1000mm) or various patterns with glass, copper strips and aluminum strips after doing the leveling, and then using cement. The mortar will be fixed by the inlay, and the cement mortar for fixing should not be too high, so as to avoid the cement on both sides of the inlay without stones, which affects the appearance. It is also possible to replace ordinary cement with white cement and incorporate pigments to form the art terrazzo floor, but the cost is higher.

Jincheng Floor is a professional company that makes terrazzo floors.

Jincheng Floor is a professional company that makes terrazzo floors.

Jincheng Floor is a professional company that makes terrazzo floors. In terrazzo floor design, the following factors are generally tested:

1. The design needs to take into account the heavy load pressure, the adaptability of the heavy-duty terrazzo floor and the bearing capacity.

2, strong resistance to permeability, to prevent the penetration of oils and other pollutants and chemicals, to protect the ground from pollution or damage.

3, more need to consider wear and impact resistance, chemical resistance and more important slip resistance.

4, high temperature resistance characteristics, more suitable for electric welding, wind welding various high temperature welding operations.

5, anti-weathering, improve the age of use, and save costs.

Jincheng Floor is a professional company that makes terrazzo floors, and will set different floors according to different requirements. The overall floor includes cast-in-place floors such as cement mortar floors, cement chip grounds, and terrazzo floors. The cement floor is simple in structure, durable, moisture-proof and waterproof, and low in price; however, the heat storage coefficient is large, the human body feels uncomfortable when the temperature is low, and condensed water is easily generated, and the surface is easy to dust.

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