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Terrazzo floor
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Terrazzo hardened ground

As a promotion and popularization of Guangdong wear-resistant floor, Guangzhou Baiyun District Jincheng New Building Materials Factory has been committed to improving the quality and performance of terrazzo hardened ground, and continuously improving and developing wear-resistant materials. Now, it has introduced higher strength. A new generation of super high-strength wear-resistant hardener with better wear resistance.

Jincheng N series nano wear-resistant hardening agent - the hardest terrazzo hardened ground: scientific formula according to the highest standard in the industry, especially adding high-activity nano-modified reinforcing materials, comprehensively improve the strength and compactness of the wear-resistant layer, the strength can reach Above IOOMPA, high strength, wear resistance and compactness, comprehensively improve the overall performance of the wear-resistant floor, and fully exceed the national standards. Fiber-reinforced wear-resistant hardeners are specially added with anti-cracking reinforcing fibers to further improve the toughness and impact resistance of the wear-resistant layer. Grinding, prevent cracking of the floor, more wear and impact resistance.

Jincheng Epoxy Terrazzo makes the creativity vivid. It is a highly decorative and seamless art floor that can express the unique style of modern building facilities. Epoxy whetstone is made of a variety of special colored ceramic granules, colored glass granules and metal. Particles, high-transparent glass mirrors, high-quality natural shells, mosaics, natural colored sand, agate stone and other aggregates are mixed with polymer resin materials, and are constructed by special techniques such as paving, grinding and polishing.

Terrazzo hardened ground

Nano wear-resistant hardener is permanent green: 100% pigment is made of chrome oxide green pigment, anti-aging, UV-resistant, without adding any organic pigments to ensure that the color never changes.

Nano wear-resistant hardener technical indicators

Jincheng N series nano-reinforced wear-resistant hardener technical indicators are higher than the industry national standard "cement-based wear-resistant materials for concrete floors"

(JC/T906-2002) requires technical indicators as follows:

Terrazzo hardened ground

Nano wear-resistant hardener type

Jincheng standard wear-resistant hardener is divided into the following models according to the aggregate:

·NA type: non-metallic mineral aggregate type hardener

·NB type: metal aggregate type hardener

·ND type: corundum aggregate and titanium-titanium aggregate type hardener

·Fire flower hardener

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