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Terrazzo floor
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Terrazzo floor tile

Because of its excellent processing properties and decorative properties, terrazzo can be made into terrazzo tiles, which can be widely used in various public places and buildings. It is one of the most common floor decoration materials. The terrazzo floor tile has good gloss and strong hardness. It is not susceptible to deformation or cracking due to external force during use. It has good load-bearing properties and can be widely used in various types of decoration buildings. Among them. The floor with terrazzo floor tiles has good anti-slip, dustproof, fireproof and environmental protection properties. It is not easy to fall and slip during the use process, so that the decorator can use this kind of material more confidently. The terrazzo floor tiles have good decorative properties. During the laying process, the terrazzo tiles of different colors can be spliced or the floor tiles of different colors can be used to improve the aesthetics of the interior decoration, thereby creating a different home life for the occupants. surroundings.

Terrazzo floor tile

Where is the terrazzo floor tile?

1. The surface of the terrazzo floor tile has been specially treated, so the surface is not easy to dust, wear and scratch, and the service life is very long.

2. The terrazzo floor tile mirror effect is very good, its surface is as shiny as natural stone, the luminosity can reach more than 105 degrees.

3. The terrazzo floor tile is very well maintained, which saves the cost of cleaning and maintenance in the later stage. Usually, it only needs to use electrostatic dust to push the dust, and periodically clean the surface of the terrazzo with a neutral detergent.

4. The terrazzo floor tile also has the advantages of high cleanliness, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, no odor and no pollution, so the frequency of use is now higher and higher.

5. The surface of the terrazzo floor tile is bright and colorful, the pattern is horizontal and vertical, the connection is dense and seamless, and the whole is very beautiful.

Terrazzo floor tile

Super practical terrazzo floor tile maintenance method

1. To purchase special terrazzo synthetic polishing agent and synthetic sealing wax on the market, regularly polish and wax the terrazzo floor tile, which not only maintains the gloss of the terrazzo floor tile, but also effectively prolongs its service life. It is a good way to do both.

2. Fix and clean the terrazzo floor tiles every day, but be careful not to use steel balls to clean them, otherwise it will easily cause scratches on the floor surface and affect its aesthetics. Xiaobian recommends that it be dusted using a pre-treated oil-free mop.

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