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Terrazzo floor company terrazzo is a composite floor material with cement as the main raw material. It has low cost and good performance. The biggest advantage of terrazzo floor is moisture-proof, but terrazzo weathering and aging is fast, and the service life is 2-4 years. The terrazzo-built silicon grindstone floor is a modified product of the traditional terrazzo floor. The crystal surface effect can be compared with the natural marble. No special care is required. The surface roughness of the silicon-grinding stone is high, which is equivalent to the quality of imported high-grade marble surface. The surface hardness of the terrazzo silicon grindstone is close to that of the high hardness granite, which has good wear resistance and long service life, which greatly reduces the maintenance and cleaning costs of the ground and the difficulty of sanitary management. So what is the direct selling price of the general terrazzo floor company?

The terrazzo floor tiles are gradually becoming popular in the decoration, especially in some large shopping malls and public places, which are mainly terrazzo tiles, which gradually replace the tiles we use. The terrazzo floor tile manufacturing process is different from ordinary floor tiles. After the surface of the terrazzo floor tile is polished, the pores will be exposed, resulting in a decrease in the finish. The surface of the floor tile is treated with a glaze, the waterproof effect is good, and the dirty water is not easily penetrated, so it is relatively shiny.

The terrazzo sees which one you do, the ordinary colors are the same, the color, there will be color difference, you want the color to become the same, after polishing, polishing, mirroring, there are many ways, the color will be the same, use It is useless to wash the mop and soapy water.

What other terrazzo-like colors look good, such as why the terrazzo floor is white after cleaning? Is there any solution? Why is the color of the terrazzo floor wet and not so bright? Can I fix the color? Terrazzo ground practice? What are the colors and floor patterns that are generally suitable for home use? What is the practice of watering the grindstone? The terrazzo floor is etched into a piece of white by citric acid. What should I do? Is it good to make terrazzo ground? I want to paint a one-meter high paint on the wall at home. What color does this terrazzo floor brush?

This depends on the overall style of the decoration. The terrazzo floor is used less in the decoration. In the previous terrazzo, the general copper strips are mosaic, and the glass strips are more mosaic. If the decoration style is more modern, it is recommended that the ground be light-colored monochrome and partial deep. Color copper strips embellish it. Terrazzo floor company suggested that the best pattern should be chosen by yourself. The more complicated patterns of copper strips can be done. The terrazzo floor company suggests that you go online to find some pictures you like to make ground parquet. Your own house likes it. the most important.

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