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Terrazzo floor
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Terrazzo floor picture

Everyone looks beautiful on the terrazzo floor? But for the terrazzo floor, everyone knows, terrazzo floor is a kind of high-hardness home improvement material, which is not only very environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, but also affordable, simple construction, so it is well cleaned and liked by everyone. So what is the terrazzo floor? Let's take a look at the terrazzo floor picture and the terrazzo floor.

The terrazzo floor tiles are gradually becoming popular in the decoration, especially in some large shopping malls and public places, which are mainly terrazzo tiles, which gradually replace the tiles we use. The terrazzo floor tile manufacturing process is different from ordinary floor tiles. After the surface of the terrazzo floor tile is polished, the pores will be exposed, resulting in a decrease in the finish. The surface of the floor tile is treated with a glaze, the waterproof effect is good, and the dirty water is not easily penetrated, so it is relatively shiny.

Terrazzo floor picture

Terrazzo floor picture

Terrazzo floor advantages

The terrazzo has a particularly high brightness, especially for high-grade terrazzo. After the surface light is highlighted, its high brightness can reach almost 70-90 degrees, and it has good dust-proof and anti-skid ability. It has no dust and high cleanliness. It is comparable to the quality of marble, and is also suitable for high-clean environments such as pharmaceuticals and chip manufacturing. The wear resistance of the terrazzo is also good. Its surface hardness is 6-8. It will not crack when it is subjected to heavy pressure. It can withstand heavy rolling and will not deform or shrink. The terrazzo is also very decorative, can be made at present, and can be spliced to express different colors. Not only that, terrazzo is used on the floor, but also has the advantages of non-combustible, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, anti-fouling and environmental protection.

Terrazzo floor defects

The terrazzo floor is mainly mixed with gravel and cemented, and then polished to produce a shiny surface. Because it is a concrete product, it has a light weight. A terrazzo floor weighs almost 5kg, and a larger terrazzo floor. It is even heavier, so its transportation is more laborious. Although terrazzo is corrosion-resistant, it is not suitable for use in high-corrosion areas. It is also not suitable for cleaning terrazzo floors with highly corrosive cleaning agents. Otherwise, the floor will be seriously corroded, thus shortening its service life. Not only that, the terrazzo floor has the disadvantage of being non-waterproof and highly permeable, so it is not possible to use a large amount of water for cleaning, which will also damage and contaminate the terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo floor picture

Terrazzo floor picture

How to do the construction of terrazzo floor

The first step: to do the leveling, the terrazzo floor should be leveled before construction, you can use 1:3 dry hard cement mortar to level, use the pressure ruler to smooth the mortar after the squeezing, and then use the wooden trowel to grind It can be pressed flat.

The second step: the grid of the grid is inlaid, and then the lower part of the grid is smeared with pure cement slurry, and the wire is buried. The application height of the pure cement slurry is required to be 3-5 mm lower than the score grid, and the joint should be tight and flat.

The third step: the terracotta pulp surface layer, the bonding material of the terrazzo floor is prepared, that is, the mud stone slurry, which needs to be strictly measured according to the ratio, and is applied to the floor, and then the surface is rubbed twice with the hair. Use a trowel to smooth the compaction, and the slurry can be removed. Then remove the stones on the top of the grid.

The fourth step: polishing, and finally using a mechanical grinder for large-area grinding, for small areas and corners can be used to grind with a small portable mill, the machine can not be grinded, hand-grinding.

Terrazzo floor picture

Terrazzo floor picture

The above is about the terrazzo floor related introduction, I hope to provide some reference for everyone, want to see more beautiful terrazzo floor pictures please contact us.

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