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Terrazzo material

Emery wear-resistant floor material

Emery wear-resistant floor material is a dry-sand ground hardener used in factory ready-mixing and on-site. It is mainly composed of high-strength cement, inorganic wear-resistant aggregate, pigment powder (no cement primary color), additives, etc. The aggregate is sand. Shape, average particle size of 1.5mm, accounting for about 60% of the total; cement is treated high-grade cement, in addition to the natural color of the cement, there are red, yellow, green, gray and other colors to choose from. Hardener The aggregate composition is natural ore. It is a non-metallic aggregate that does not rust. The hardness is above 8 degrees Mohs. = In addition to natural ore aggregates, the weight of other cements, pigments, etc. does not exceed 25% of the total weight. The product is directly applied to the concrete or cement mortar surface in the initial setting stage, and after smoothing, it forms a hard, wear-resistant, dust-free and hardened hardened floor.

Guangdong Meifule Terrazzo manufacturer is located in the Pearl River Delta. Mainly produces terrazzo and permeable liquid hardener floor (sealing curing agent), concrete dyeing hard curing agent floor, emery wear-resistant floor, colored grindstone floor, inorganic artificial stone, diamond grindstone hardener floor, imitation Shidiping, seamlessly cast terrazzo floor, new terrazzo floor, mirror terrazzo floor, high-end commercial art terrazzo floor, diamond stone art floor, permeable concrete floor, colored concrete floor, art floor, super flat Ping, epoxy floor, advanced terrazzo, exported to many countries, and contracted a variety of terrazzo products and terrazzo projects, the establishment of the factory for more than 20 years by the majority of new and old customers support and trust.

Scope of application: for industrial plants, warehouses, supermarkets, heavy-duty machinery plants, machine repair plants, parking lots, cargo dump areas, squares and other ground.

product description

Emery wear-resistant floor material

Floor features

Non-metallic aggregate ground hardener: a dry-dissolving surface hardener for natural mineral aggregates. It is suitable for the surface of newly paved concrete floor. It is formed at the same time as the newly-laid concrete. It is suitable for both wear-resistant and color. Locations such as warehouses, factories, supermarkets and garages. The product is available in different colours.

Metal aggregate ground hardener: suitable for the surface of newly paved concrete floor. It can be formed at the same time as concrete. It can withstand high-strength and continuous friction and is a very wear-resistant floor. Suitable for the most demanding environments, such as steel making, transportation, machine building and many heavy industries. The product is available in several different colour options.

Compared with traditional ground treatment methods, Jincheng non-metal and metal floor hardener floors have the following significant advantages.

High performance - high strength, wear resistance, no dust, impact resistance

Long life - strong, durable, integrated, not falling off

Low cost - short construction period and high efficiency

Emery wear-resistant floor material

Emery wear-resistant floor material

Emery wear-resistant floor material

Construction instructions

Ground requirements

1. The strength of the base concrete should reach C25 or above, the water-cement ratio should be controlled below 0.50, and the concrete slump should be controlled at 70-100 mm. The concrete mixture should minimize the segregation and control the bleeding.

2. In order to ensure that the concrete mixture has sufficient fluidity and is conducive to construction, it is recommended to add appropriate admixture to the concrete.

3. The base concrete should be poured and tapped according to the standard of good concrete, paying attention to the accurate size and reducing the floating slurry.

3. The hardener floor is preferably constructed at the same time as the concrete structure layer. If it is necessary to be constructed with the screed layer at the same time, it is recommended to use the fine stone concrete for the leveling concrete, the thickness is not less than 50mm, and the telescopic steel mesh is considered.

5. Pay special attention to the corners of the concrete building block to ensure that the concrete is vibrated and compacted, and additional reinforcement treatment should be taken.

Emery wear-resistant floor material

Construction method

1. When constructing a large-area floor, you must follow the steps to follow the concrete construction at the basement and master the proper construction time. When the base concrete is initially set (usually three to six hours), the hardener floor should be applied immediately.

2. For the first time, spread 2/3 of the material evenly on the concrete surface. After the material fully absorbs the moisture in the concrete (about 30 minutes), after the color becomes dark, the first smoothing can be started. The tool uses MBW trowel. Add the plate to compaction and leveling, and do not overdo it.

3, interval 1-2 hours, the remaining 1/3 of the material is evenly spread on the concrete surface, the construction direction is perpendicular to the first time, followed by a second smoothing work.

4. Next, use the imported trowel to smooth the enamel polishing work.

5. Maintenance: After the polishing is completed, the curing liquid must be applied immediately after 5 hours for curing.

6. Cleaning: After all equipment tools are used, they should be cleaned with water before the material solidifies.

Emery wear-resistant floor material


1. When constructing the hardener ground, the time should be accurate. If it is too early or too late, it will affect the hardened ground.

2, colored ground needs special attention to protect from contamination. Although the hardener material is incombustible and non-toxic, it should avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear gloves and protective gear during construction.

3. It is recommended to construct the floor by professional construction team. Please contact us if you need further information.

Details to be paid attention to in the construction of emery wear-resistant floor materials

The floor of the workshop is upgraded and upgraded. The corundum wear-resistant floor material is the most far-sighted and most suitable floor material. Many customers have always felt that the ground is good or bad and directly linked to the emery wear-resistant floor material. In fact, if attention is paid to the details during construction, It is sure to make a good floor. The first thing to pay attention to in the construction of corundum wear-resistant floor material is the first time that the sand-weaving wear-resistant floor material time: spreading too early will make the emery wear material sink into the concrete and lose the effect. When the concrete is solidified, it will lose its cohesive force, so that the wear-resistant material can not be combined with it and cause peeling. When about 5mm sinking, the first spreading construction can be started. The first spreading amount is all diamond resistant. 2/3 of the grounding material should be evenly dropped. It should not be separated by force. After spreading, it should be smoothed with a wooden trowel. At this time, attention should be paid to the edges such as walls, columns, doors and stencils. The local moisture disappears faster, and the diamond-resistant wear-resistant floor material should be given priority to prevent the ground from reducing the effect due to water loss. Secondly, the emery wear-resistant floor material should always pay attention to the weather changes during construction, and ensure that the construction site temperature reaches 0. Above the same level Wearresisting light after the closing process is completed is not poured rain within 10 hours, it shall be adjusted construction ahead of schedule.


1. Clean the floor with a soft broom on weekdays or scrub with a mop.

2. When the floor spills into acid, alkali and other chemicals, it should be washed immediately with water.

3. In case the floor is damaged, it can only be repaired.

Construction profile

Emery wear-resistant floor material

Product renderings

Emery wear-resistant floor materialEmery wear-resistant floor materialEmery wear-resistant floor material

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