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Crystal terrazzo

The crystal terrazzo is a nanometer crystal terrazzo and a silicon grindstone terrazzo floor. These grounds require the use of nanometer armor, silk concrete seal curing agent and grindstone seal curing agent and negative ion special cement mortar. Crystal terrazzo has appeared in everyone's sight from time to time in recent years. Many people don't understand how this terrazzo floor is so bright and so smooth? Was it waxed? Is it polished? Or is it coated with a layer of shiny material? In fact, this is the result of extensive use of a terrazzo curing and grinding process in recent years. The crystal terrazzo brings more than just beauty to the traditional terrazzo. It is also a grade upgrade. It turns an ordinary terrazzo into a marble-like tasteful ground product.

Cement-based grindstone flooring materials with high technology content and complicated technical links. Cement-based grindstone flooring materials are dry-mixed powdery materials composed of various active ingredients, which can be used on site. Unfolding, you can get a high leveling base. The hardening speed is fast, you can walk on it in 24 hours, or carry out subsequent works (such as laying wooden floors, diamond plates, etc.). The construction is quick and simple, which is unmatched by traditional artificial leveling.

Crystal terrazzo

Crystal terrazzo, for the brilliance of terrazzo, whitish terrazzo, old terrazzo floor can be used, high-brightness terrazzo technology to change the image, let the terrazzo turn gorgeous! The birth of the terrazzo grinding and polishing process has given a new stage to the fate of the traditional terrazzo. The crystal terrazzo is an upgraded product of the traditional terrazzo. The crystal terrazzo has been solidified on the basis of the traditional terrazzo. The ground terrazzo has been ground several times to produce a new terrazzo floor with high gloss and high hardness. The crystal terrazzo has a high gloss, water and oil proof, anti-corrosion, anti-penetration, easy to clean, long life and beautiful terrazzo floor.

Crystal terrazzo

Surface terrazzo advantages:

The crystal surface of the terrazzo is seamless, the flatness is high, the cleaning is easy, and there is no dirt and dirt;

The surface terrazzo ground has high anti-skid, high load-bearing, high wear resistance, and the surface hardness can reach 6-8 grades;

The surface of the terrazzo terrazzo is dust-free and ash-free, and has high cleanliness, which can meet the requirements of the clean room;

The surface of the terrazzo terrazzo is not ignited, corrosion-resistant and has excellent performance;

The surface of the terrazzo terrazzo is simple, no odor, no pollution, healthy and safe.

The surface of the crystal terrazzo is bright and delicate, and the visual effect is good;

The crystal terrazzo floor is rich in shape and supports individual customization;

Mirror terrazzo floor owners are free to participate in the customization process.

The crystal terrazzo floor can be perfectly integrated with the overall environment, and the crystal terrazzo floor is more widely used.

The crystal terrazzo floor has a long service life.

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