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Mirror terrazzo

The mirror terrazzo is to brighten the surface of the traditional terrazzo. It is an upgraded process product of traditional terrazzo floor and a new surface treatment process on traditional terrazzo floor.

The surface treatment of the mirror terrazzo floor is to apply the terrazzo seal curing agent on the surface, and it has an effective penetration of 3~5mm in a certain period of time, and reacts with the calcium oxide, water in the terrazzo concrete and the compound produced during the hardening process of the concrete. Make the concrete a dense whole and increase the strength and density of the concrete. At the same time, the crystals formed in the concrete pores effectively block the pores in the concrete and reduce the water flow path, thus preventing solid and liquid impurities from entering the concrete interior, increasing the corrosion resistance of the concrete, but at the same time allowing the water to be free. Circulation, keeping the concrete "breathing" function. After the fine grinding of the large-scale floor grinder, the ground produces a higher gloss and increases the aesthetic effect of the use.

Guangdong Meifule Terrazzo manufacturer is located in the Pearl River Delta. Mainly produces terrazzo and permeable liquid hardener floor (sealing curing agent), concrete dyeing hard curing agent floor, emery wear-resistant floor, colored grindstone floor, inorganic artificial stone, diamond grindstone hardener floor, imitation Shidiping, seamlessly cast terrazzo floor, new terrazzo floor, mirror terrazzo floor, high-end commercial art terrazzo floor, diamond stone art floor, permeable concrete floor, colored concrete floor, art floor, super flat Ping, epoxy floor, advanced terrazzo, exported to many countries, and contracted a variety of terrazzo products and terrazzo projects, the establishment of the factory for more than 20 years by the majority of new and old customers support and trust.

Mirror terrazzo

Mirror terrazzo uses scientific technology to treat the terrazzo crystal face. The whetstone surface treatment can achieve gloss of more than 90 degrees, which is equivalent to the brightness of marble; anti-penetration, oil and anti-fouling, the ground is not easy to be eroded and damaged; anti-weathering, resistant Strong grinding performance. Extends service life, smoothness and oil repellency to achieve unexpected results, smooth and mirror-like and durable.

Mirror terrazzo

The mirror terrazzo is like a beautiful wedding dress for the stone, so that the stone is smooth, high-end, atmospheric, and elegantly "married" to various high-end high-quality projects. Undoubtedly, after the mirror treatment, the countertop will be extraordinarily smooth, giving a feeling of moisturizing, clear and energetic, but such a countertop needs to be well maintained, otherwise there will be some scratches that are not beautiful, and the general polishing technique is mainly good or bad. Reflected in the business hours of the business and the polishing experience of the technicians, usually can only be seen by the company's introduction materials, and can not be intuitively understood. Of course, many artificial stone processing companies provide inspections to the factory, and can ask the other party to provide their polished samples. , with each manufacturer to compare one by one. The general polishing effect can clearly see your reflection in the case of good light, so the effect has reached the usual mirror requirements.

Jincheng Floor was established in 1999. It is a large-scale high-tech, professional new building materials enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production, sales, engineering design and construction.

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