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High-grade terrazzo

We are in the process of purchasing the terrazzo. We will hear the products of the lower terrazzo. Although it can be seen from the name, it is a type of terrazzo with a lower character. However, many people do not have the same high-grade terrazzo. The above shows for everyone that there is no similarity between high-grade terrazzo.

Jincheng Epoxy Terrazzo makes the creativity appear in the sky. It is a decorative, group seamless art Tianping that can show the common momentum of modern building facilities. The epoxy terrazzo selects a variety of special colored ceramic particles and colored glass particles. Metal particles, under-glass mirrors, fine natural shells, mosaics, natural colored sand, agate stone and other aggregates are taken from the molecular resin data, and are paved, polished, polished and other extraordinary processes on site.

High-grade terrazzo

High-grade terrazzo

Starting from the lower end of the terrazzo, the gloss will be even more ambiguous. It is possible to compare the marble and other plates. Therefore, the high-grade terrazzo can be used in the occasion of the request for comparison between the family and the hotel. The effect of the group decoration is also very modern. It may give people a different texture.

In addition, the appearance of high-grade terrazzo is also lower, the wear resistance is very sturdy, and there is no need to worry about it. When it is not used for a long time, the high-grade terrazzo is more comprehensive than the stone board.

High-grade terrazzo

High-grade terrazzo

In addition, the elegance of the high-grade terrazzo is compared with the general terrazzo. In general, the terrazzo is not as good as the price comparison, but the high-grade terrazzo is more refined from the data selection and the construction process. Therefore, the mountain that is being elegant is also more excellent.

The above is some of the introduction of high-grade terrazzo, although the price of one point, the effect of the smashing, you can taste the high-grade terrazzo.

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