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Antistatic terrazzo

Anti-static terrazzo floor is a new process of terrazzo. The anti-static terrazzo floor is made of a unique formula of inorganic conductive phase materials and a special process. It has anti-static performance stability, safety and reliability, and durable wear resistance. The appearance and construction performance of the anti-static terrazzo floor is the same as that of the ordinary high-quality terrazzo. It can be used as the ground, workbench, loading and unloading countertops, etc.

The anti-static terrazzo floor is made of a unique formula of inorganic conductive phase materials and an excellent process. The antistatic performance stability and reliability of the floor and the coexistence of buildings are permanent. The anti-static terrazzo floor material does not affect the strength of the cement, the physical properties of the floor are not affected, and the compressive strength can reach 30 MPa-100 MPa or more. The overall nature can bear the load-bearing and heavy-duty trucks. The anti-static terrazzo floor can pre-buried the grounding terminal for the production line according to the requirements of the production process, which brings convenience and reliability to the anti-static terrazzo production line and anti-static environment. The anti-static terrazzo floor is cheap, only increases the anti-static process cost and special Material costs, with a good price/performance ratio.

The anti-static terrazzo floor anti-static property is permanent and effective, and the service life is the same as the building; no anti-static maintenance, anti-static maintenance and zero cost; anti-static integrity, stability, environmental adaptability and consistency.

Anti-static terrazzo floor features advantages:

1. No cracking, no fear of heavy truck rolling, no fear of heavy objects dragging, no shrinkage deformation;

2, no dust, high cleanliness; cleanliness meets the requirements of high clean environment such as pharmaceuticals, chip manufacturing;

3, non-combustible, non-flame, anti-aging, anti-fouling, corrosion-resistant, no odor without any pollution;

4, the color is bright and bright, if you need to improve the light to play ordinary floor wax (does not affect its anti-static performance);

5. The decorative grids are horizontal and vertical, no gaps are required between the grids, the connection is dense, and the overall appearance is good;

Anti-static terrazzo floor construction method

The special conductive adhesive used in anti-static terrazzo floor construction is a fluid water-soluble environmentally friendly material, which has high compatibility with cement. The interaction between the two forms a conductive network inside the terrazzo, which makes the whole ground stable. Long lasting electrostatic conductivity, thus reducing the need for density and scale of the conductive ground grid arrangement. The conductive ground net uses a galvanized flat steel mesh to replace the steel mesh used in the traditional construction process, which makes the anti-static performance of the terrazzo floor more effective and more reliable, and simplifies the construction operation.

Anti-static terrazzo floor suitable for use: can be widely used in telecommunications room, electronics manufacturing, information and communication, aerospace, firepower, aerospace, microelectronics production, petrochemical, biomedicine, arms production lines and reservoir areas The field of anti-static requirements.

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