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Seamless terrazzo

Seamless terrazzo is widely used in various public places, halls, stations and other places. Compared with ordinary terrazzo, it has a relatively large improvement in appearance quality and actual service life, due to its seamless construction. The whole is more flat, there is no gap to accommodate various impurities, and it has a good construction effect. So, to achieve the desired construction effect, is it difficult to construct seamless terrazzo in this respect? We will introduce you below.

Seamless terrazzo

First of all, the characteristic of the seamless terrazzo is that it is very versatile, there is no easy gap, and in addition to easy cleaning, almost no investment is required in daily maintenance. In order to realize this feature, the requirements for the construction process are relatively high, and the overall operation is complicated and difficult. The owner can entrust a construction team with professional operation level as much as possible, which can effectively improve the construction efficiency.

Seamless terrazzo

Secondly, the seamless terrazzo is generally constructed by means of on-site processing, so the requirements for the overall construction environment are relatively high. In order to ensure the smoothness of the construction process and to greatly improve the progress of the construction, the majority of the owners can assist in coordinating the on-site coordination so that the construction unit can complete the construction tasks in a short construction period with quality and quantity.

Seamless terrazzo

Finally, after the overall construction of the seamless terrazzo, it is necessary to carry out the later grinding and polishing. The overall construction process is very fine, with complexity and difficulty level. The seamless terrazzo floor that has passed the final acceptance test shall be flat and have a good finish and the gap shall be strictly controlled within the standard range. In fact, although the seamless terrazzo seems to be difficult to construct, there is no problem with the experienced construction team.

The overall construction quality of the seamless terrazzo is directly related to the owner's future experience, so it is very important in selecting the construction unit. Nanjing Tuozuo Building is an enterprise with rich experience in terrazzo construction in the industry. It has provided corresponding construction services for various large-scale public facilities projects. If you have business entrustment requirements in this regard, you are welcome to contact us.

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