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High-grade terrazzo price

Everyone is familiar with terrazzo. It is one of the ground products with cement as the main raw material. It is not only simple in production process, but also very affordable. Therefore, it is very popular and liked by everyone. So what is the price of high-grade terrazzo? Which is better with terrazzo and ceramic tiles? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian!

The color of the terrazzo floor can be spliced freely, and the appearance style is much richer than the concrete and corundum ground. However, the terrazzo has relatively poor corrosion resistance and short service life, and is easily affected by aging and weathering, resulting in terrazzo ground ash. And so on. It takes time to renovate the terrazzo. After the terrazzo floor has been refurbished by Mifule terrazzo, the hardness, density and brightness are significantly improved, and the ground is more wear-resistant and longer-lasting.

High-grade terrazzo price

High-grade terrazzo price

High-grade terrazzo price:

1. The price of terrazzo should be determined according to the type of terrazzo. If it is a colored terrazzo, the price in the south is generally 50-100 yuan/m2, and the price in the north is generally 50-80 yuan/m2.

2, the price of ordinary terrazzo is lower than that of colored terrazzo. The price in the south is generally 38-45 yuan/m2, the price in the north is generally 42-55 yuan/m2, and the white stone is equipped with black cement.

3, the price of high-grade terrazzo is relatively expensive, generally around 280 yuan / m2. Because it is not only smooth, high hardness, but also waterproof, anti-fouling, oil-resistant, weak acid and other characteristics, it is widely used in public places.

High-grade terrazzo price

High-grade terrazzo price

Which is better with terrazzo and tiles:

1. First of all, terrazzo and ceramic tile, its production method is relatively simple, less procedures, so the terrazzo offer is much lower than the tile, which is why people like to use the whetstone to dress the ground. In addition, the terrazzo has stable performance and will not crack, arch, shrink, deform, warp, etc. when used for a long time like a tile.

2. Secondly, from the viewpoint of surface gloss, the stomata of the terrazzo will be exposed after polishing, resulting in a decrease in gloss. When the tiles are made, they are treated with a glaze, which is both shiny and waterproof. In addition, in terms of service life, the life of the tile is longer than that of the terrazzo, because the terrazzo will penetrate into the stain after a long time, and it is necessary to replace the new product.

3. Finally, the color and style of the terrazzo is relatively simple. The tiles are different. It is not only a wide variety, but also rich in color. It is also waterproof, fireproof and antifouling. Therefore, tiles are more practical than terrazzo. Friends who need it may wish to consider it.

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