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Diamond millstone

Diamond Grinding Stone is a fine decorative art floor that can express the unique style of modern urban construction. Jingang Grinding Floor is made of a variety of special shells, colored stones, metal or other suitable decorative aggregates mixed with special cement and Jincheng additives, and is constructed by special process on site. It is an excellent upgrade product for epoxy grindstone.

The color of the terrazzo floor can be spliced at will, and the appearance style is much richer than the concrete and corundum ground. However, the terrazzo has relatively poor corrosion resistance and short service life, and is easily affected by aging and weathering, resulting in ash on the terrazzo floor. Damage problem. It takes time to renovate the terrazzo. After the ground has been refurbished by Mifule terrazzo, the hardness, density and brightness are significantly improved, and the ground is more wear-resistant and longer-lasting.

Diamond millstone

Diamond millstone

King Kong grindstone floor system advantages

·Low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials

·Fire rating A1

·Good adhesion to the concrete base

·Quick dry, quick setting

·Super wear resistance

·High compressive strength and flexural strength

·Slip resistance is good

·Colorful, beautifully designed, strong simulation performance

·The texture is noble and elegant, and can express the designer's design imagination

·The surface is dense, easy to clean, easy to maintain, easy to maintain

· Durable, bright and new

·Stain resistance, chemical resistance

Diamond millstone

Diamond millstone

King Kong grindstone floor application range

Infrastructure: train station, subway, cinema, convention center, museum, gymnasium, etc.

Commercial space: shopping centers, high-end hotels, luxury clubs, cafes, 4S shops, etc.:

Public space: schools, libraries, hospitals, etc.:

Civil buildings: luxury communities, villas, etc.:

Industrial plants: tobacco, aerospace, military equipment, high-speed rail equipment, automobile manufacturing, etc.

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