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Cement-based grindstone

Cement-based grindstone flooring materials with high technology content and complicated technical links. Cement-based grindstone flooring materials are dry-mixed powdery materials composed of various active ingredients, which can be used on site. Unfolding, you can get a high leveling base. The hardening speed is fast, you can walk on it in 24 hours, or carry out subsequent works (such as laying wooden floors, diamond plates, etc.). The construction is quick and simple, which is unmatched by traditional artificial leveling.

Main properties of cement-based grindstone floor materials

Appearance: free powder

Color: cement primary color gray, green, red or other colors; main components: ordinary silicon cement, high alumina cement, Portland cement, active masterbatch activator.

Excellent properties of cement-based grindstone flooring materials:

1. The construction is simple and easy. Adding an appropriate amount of water can form an approximate free fluid slurry, which can be quickly developed to obtain a high flatness floor.

2, the construction speed is fast, the economic benefit is large, 5-10 times higher than the traditional artificial leveling, and it can be used for passage and load in a short time, which greatly shortens the construction period.

3, pre-mixed products, the quality is even and stable, the construction site is clean and tidy, is conducive to civilized construction, is a green product.

4, good anti-moisture resistance, strong protection to the surface layer, strong practicality, wide application range.

Cement-based grindstone floor material use:

1. As a high-level base surface of epoxy floor, polyurethane floor, PVC coil, sheet, rubber floor, solid wood floor, diamond plate and other decorative materials.

2, is a modern hospital silent and dust-proof floor PVC coil material will be used to flatten the base material.

3, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, precision electronics factory clean room, dust-free floor, hardened floor, anti-static floor and other base layer.

4. Polyurethane elastic floor foundation layer for kindergartens and tennis courts.

5, as an industrial plant acid and alkali resistant floor, wear-resistant floor base.

6, the robot track surface layer.

7, the flat floor of the home floor decoration.

8, a wide range of wide-area space, such as airport halls, hotels, hypermarkets, department stores, conference halls, exhibition centers, large offices, parking lots, etc. can quickly complete the high leveling floor.

Physical indicators of cement-based grindstone floor materials:

The cement-based grindstone floor material is composed of special cement, selected aggregate and various additives. It is mixed with water to form a self-leveling material with strong fluidity and high plasticity. It is suitable for fine leveling and all of concrete floors. Paving materials, widely used in civil and commercial buildings.

Cement-based grindstone floor material characteristics:

1. Simple construction, convenient and quick.

2, wear-resistant, durable, economical, environmentally friendly (industrial type has a small amount of pollution, home type no)

3, excellent fluidity, automatic and accurate leveling of the ground.

4. After 3-4 hours, you can walk on the road; after 24 hours, you can open light traffic.

5, do not increase the elevation, the ground layer is 2-5 mm thin, saving materials and reducing costs.

6, good adhesion, smooth, not empty drum.

7, widely used in civil, commercial indoor ground leveling.

8, harmless to the human body, no radiation.

Cement-based grindstone floor material product effect:

Cement-based grindstone

Cement-based grindstone

Cement-based grindstone

Cement-based grindstone

Cement-based grindstone

Cement-based grindstone

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