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Is the inorganic terrazzo environmentally friendly?
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-08-08
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Inorganic terrazzo is a small stone or various natural materials that manipulate the seemingly system. It is combined and reinforced and polished. It is formed into a piece of common pattern, looks good and durable environmental protection materials, and each inorganic terrazzo Whether it is highly synthesized in a completely natural state.


Inorganic terrazzo

Is the inorganic terrazzo durable? Is the care of a nursing nurse living in trouble?

Inorganic terrazzo will not wear out under normal use conditions. Even so, can it be destroyed or discolored by inorganic terrazzo, but you do not need to replace it slowly, because of the characteristics of inorganic terrazzo Gives the ability to polish innovation, common public mills and extraordinary coating materials, whether to innovate inorganic terrazzo. The method is to grind the inorganic whetstone damage profile, from rough grinding to external grinding to juvenile grinding and other repeated processes, polishing the profile to lubrication, so that the inorganic terrazzo can be restored to its natural original color tone and then co-coated. Inorganic terrazzo is easy to nurse, and generally only needs to be cleaned with water to clean it.


Inorganic terrazzo

What is the definition of inorganic terrazzo? The selection of inorganic terrazzo is limited. We have been fighting architects and interior planners in the past, and they are all amazed by the inorganic terrazzo ideas put forward by us. The combination of aggregate options for inorganic terrazzo is amazing. There are various types of traditional marble battle granite chips with various colors and battles. Secondly, nowadays, a lot of different colors of glass warfare recycled porcelain are used. To be more specific, whether or not to use metal materials to add a sense of fashion to the inorganic terrazzo floor, and whether the amount of aggregate is distributed as desired.

The potential of the building materials industry, whether the inorganic terrazzo can supply a limited color, whether you choose any color from the paint color model, whether it is used outside the inorganic terrazzo. And our color consistency warfare accuracy is very poor. Any shape, and the shape of the curve art pattern, or a huge mark of war art, are not realized outside the inorganic terrazzo. Whether the inorganic terrazzo is turned into a richly envisioned theme is like a work of art, which is both good-looking and permanent.


Inorganic terrazzo

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