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Why is the anti-static terrazzo floor so popular
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-07-25

Anti-static terrazzo floor is a new process for terrazzo. It accepts the common formulation of inorganic conductive phase materials, special process creation, anti-static performance stability, safety, and wear resistance. Its surface and construction function can be taken from the general excellent terrazzo, whether it is used as an empty, table, loading and unloading table.

Anti-static terrazzo floor is widely used in telecommunications equipment room, electronic creation, information communication, aerospace, pyrotechnic power, aerospace, microelectronics, petrochemical, biomedicine, and military products The scope of the anti-static request, such as the treasury area.

The anti-static terrazzo floor accepts the common formulation of inorganic conductive phase materials and excellent process. The anti-static performance stability of the floor and the coexistence of the building materials are permanent.

The material received by the anti-static terrazzo floor does not affect the strength of the cement. The physical function of the floor is not affected. The compressive strength is up to 30 MPa-100 MPa. The group can bear the weight-resistant car. Hard to support.

The anti-static terrazzo floor is pre-buried with the grounding terminal for the basin line according to the request of the process of the basin, which will bring convenience to the anti-static situation of the anti-static terrazzo line.

Anti-static terrazzo floor is expensive, only the anti-static process is used to combat public materials, and has a poor price/performance ratio.

Anti-static terrazzo floor anti-static features are always useful, use life to take the construction of different periods of time;

Anti-static terrazzo floor does not require anti-static protection, anti-static maintenance costs;

The anti-static terrazzo floor anti-static group, stability, and adaptability of the situation is excellent.

The anti-static terrazzo floor is not cracked, there is no fear of heavy truck rolling, no fear of heavy objects dragging, no expansion deformation;

Anti-static terrazzo floor has no dust, cleanliness The cleanliness is satisfactory for the request for cleaning under the pharmacy and chip creation;

The antistatic terrazzo floor has no burning, no ignition, aging resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, no odor and no purification;

Anti-static terrazzo floor brilliance is bright and clear, if you need to lift the bright floor ash (does not affect its anti-static function);

Anti-static terrazzo floor decoration grid The strips are horizontal and vertical, no gaps are required between the grids, which are coherent and compact, and the group is poor in appearance;

The anti-static terrazzo floor construction function and mechanical function are excellent for all kinds of excellent terrazzo for external use. In line with the national standard GB50209-2002 request, in line with JC507-1993 construction requirements for terrazzo finished products.


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