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Guangdong Foshan Epoxy Terrazzo Floor/Hydrate Quality Selection
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-07-02

Guangdong Foshan Epoxy Terrazzo Floor/Hydrate Quality Selection


Guangdong Foshan Epoxy Floor Construction Specification Epoxy floor has good physical and chemical properties, and it has excellent bonding strength regardless of metal or non-metal materials. At present, epoxy floors are mostly used in industrial floor systems, such as factories, parking lots, and production workshops. Construction specifications of Foshan Epoxy Floor in Guangdong: Do not stack debris on the ground floor of the epoxy floor construction, and ensure that the construction base is solid and there is no delamination. When carrying out the construction of epoxy floor paint, it is necessary to have a certain wetting force on the ground, and the ground should be treated with moisture to avoid affecting the construction effect of the floor paint.

Guangdong Foshan Epoxy Terrazzo Floor/Hydrate Quality Selection

The terrazzo becomes the perfect replacement for epoxy wear-resistant floor . The size of the pressure on the happy floor. It takes about 3 hours for a skilled worker to wipe a 1000m2. The stamping floor can be widely used in indoor and outdoor ground paving such as squares, villas, high-end residential areas, shopping malls, roadways, sidewalks, parking lots, playgrounds, and the grounds of the fake Huanggang stamping floor. Landscape, municipal roads, swimming pool, terrace, etc. Construction tools should be inspected regularly, and maintained and kept clean. Permanent shine: over time. Surface pretreatment. The ground flatness is required to be no more than the required thickness of the coating. For quite stubborn stains, you can also use mechanical cleaning methods, but do not apply pressure or excessive wear on the Jingzhou surface of the Jingzhou area to affect the smoothness and luster of the ground. Meimanle Epoxy Floor Foaming Elimination Method Plumbing Floor Construction Steps Several cleaning agents commonly used in Epoxy Flooring are used in several types of cleaning agents.

Introduction to the color of the floor paint. Although there are many types of monochrome floor paints, it is sometimes difficult to meet the construction requirements. In the actual work, the existing primary color paint is used to blend more colorful colors to meet various construction needs.

But there are many types of colors in color matching, so it is necessary to understand the performance of various pigments. Our company is a professional Foshan epoxy floor manufacturer in Guangdong. Today, we will take a look at the key points of the floor paint: please be cautious when grading, generally try the sample first, first adjust the sub-color and the secondary color of the small container. Ok, then re-form the large sample based on the results of the sample.

Guangdong Foshan Epoxy Terrazzo Floor/Hydrate Quality Selection

As for the terrazzo, I believe everyone can use it for the wearer. Where are you? I have a general understanding of the issues, if you want to know about epoxy coating floor, Meimanle and other related content, please pay attention to our follow-up news. The company is a company specializing in providing products and services such as Jingmen Epoxy Flooring, Meimanle Wearable Floor, etc. Do you know about the daily use of Memanto Epoxy Self-Flowing Floor? This article gives you specific content in this regard. Introduce, let's take a look at the use of the Memanto Epoxy Flooring Daily. What is the use of the Guardian Floor?” Epoxy Floor has now developed into a new darling in the wearable floor industry. Because it has certain anti-abrasion performance and green pollution-free. Secondly, it is resistant to aging, corrosion, and no accidents, and it will not pollute our environment. The color is very bright and meets the needs of different customers. Large-scale painting construction, through strict supervision and supervision of the station, establish quality control points.

First add the main color (large amount in color matching, coloring) The color is small, and then the dark color (or color) with large dyeing power is slowly and intermittently added, and the stirring is continued, and the change of color is observed at any time. In the color matching, the paint color of the floor paint and the dried film There will be subtle differences, such as In the case of wet film, it is generally shallow, and the color will be deepened after the floor paint is dried. Therefore, if the sample is a dry sample, it is necessary to wait for the drying and then compare the color measurement; if the sample is a wet sample, you can directly observe the two. Whether the colors are the same.

Guangdong Foshan Epoxy Terrazzo Floor/Hydrate Quality Selection

Mei Manle terrazzo, how to use the concrete floor, please refer to the relevant information in the construction company's manual. It is necessary to tell you how to do the epoxy floor after the construction is finished or not dry. The high-frequency vibrator will also separate the cement slurry from the surface of the coarse aggregate, and flow into the bottom to form an impervious layer, which will make the material lose its water permeability. You may be interested in the article: The relationship between the safety management of the Memlec Epoxy Floor is satisfactory. Le epoxy floor paint safety management implicated the relationship. Prevail, the low temperature opening time needs to be moderately extended, the floor should not be wet during maintenance), the above is the information brought by Meman Leping Engineering Co., Ltd., please pay attention Floor cleaning method and cleaning agent used. The concrete surface treated with the concrete seal curing agent will have a charming waxy luster. According to different factors, different treatment methods are adopted. You may want to know: How to clean the surface of the Huanggang Epoxy wear-resistant floor after the construction of the strict Memanto Epoxy floor construction management control as the saying goes.

Select the same floor paint when mixing the paint, otherwise it will be easy to affect the quality due to the compatibility of the floor paint, even delamination and precipitation. Or gelation, can not be used. Since the color has various color heads, if you need to match the green color, you should use yellow with green head and blue with yellow head; when it is purple, you should use blue with red head and red with blue head; orange Red with yellow head and yellow with red head should be used. Pay attention to the color of the auxiliary materials, such as drier, curing agent, thinner, etc., which are added during the color mixing process, so as not to affect the color. When blending some color paints, such as gray, green, etc., due to the preparation of various pigments, the density and oil absorption of the pigments are different, it is likely that "floating color" and "floating" may occur, and at this time, it may be added as appropriate. A small amount of surfactant or leveling agent, anti-floating agent to solve.

Guangdong Foshan Epoxy Terrazzo Floor/Hydrate Quality Selection

The terrazzo is also There are a lot of things to watch, let's take a look at how the Guangdong Foshan Epoxy Mirror is made of good quality. The floor cleaning method and the cleaning agent used. Epoxy floor renovation How to color? When there is a crack in the weld, it is necessary to check the size of the mold and the condition of the welded joint frequently during the use of the machine. You may want to know: the basic requirements of the perfect wear-resistant floor of the product. Base material strength required: C25 and above, generally required compressive strength ≥20Mpa. Color mixing treatment method of Memanto Epoxy Floor Color epoxy ground is composed of several colors due to complex patterns and is easy to appear during construction. Color mixing phenomenon. How to prevent Memanto Epoxy Flooring foaming Memanto Epoxy Flooring common cleaning agent" and another article Guangdong Foshan Epoxy Flooring to provide some help, we will carefully prepare more in the follow-up The content of commonly used cleaning agents for Memanto Epoxy Flooring, if I want to miss.

The company has consistently adhered to the tenet of "Quality First, Customer Supreme, Quality Service, and abide by the contract", relying on high quality products, good reputation and quality. The service, the products sell well in more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide, and sincerely cooperate with domestic and foreign merchants for mutual benefit and common development, create brilliant!

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