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Guangzhou Foshan Inorganic Terrazzo Material Supply
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-06-28

Guangzhou Foshan Inorganic Terrazzo Material Supply Terrazzo (also known as grindstone) is a mixture of crushed stone, glass, quartz stone and other aggregates into cement binder to make a finished product. The finished product of light. A terrazzo ceramic grinding stone made of cement bonding material, a terrazzo made of epoxy bonding material, and an epoxy grindstone or an organic grindstone. The terrazzo is placed on the site according to the construction and construction process. The terrazzo warfare prefabricated terrazzo is empty. outer.

Guangzhou Foshan inorganic terrazzo material supply terrazzo strengths (1) lower terrazzo (also known as trade terrazzo) after the surface light treatment, the lower brightness reaches 70~90 degrees , dust and slip to reach the marble character. (2) Abrasion resistance terrazzo, whether the outer hardness reaches 6-8. (3) Whether the terrazzo is prepared or prefabricated, or whether the color and color are randomly spliced or not. (4) The new terrazzo has no cracking, no fear of heavy truck rolling, no fear of heavy objects dragging, no tightening deformation. (5) There is no dusting and cleanliness; the cleanliness meets the requirements of cleanliness such as pharmaceuticals and chip creation. (6) The inorganic terrazzo has no burning, no ignition, aging resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, and no odor without any purification. (7) Bright and bright, if you need to lift the smooth wax or crystallize the floor, (does not affect its anti-static function), soften the wear-resistant water mill stone, do not need to wax or insist on temporary Lili. (8) The existing terrazzo decoration grids are horizontal and vertical, no gaps are required between the grids, and the adjacent ones are dense, and the overall elegance is good; whether the trade terrazzo can be imagined at any time, and the effect of the elegant decoration is reached. (9) Construction function and mechanical function The excellent terrazzo for all kinds of external applications is no different, meets the requirements of national standard GB50209-2002, and meets the requirements of JC507-1993 for the construction of terrazzo finished products.

Guangzhou Foshan Inorganic Terrazzo Material Supply Mechanical Function (1), Gloss: 60-95; (2), Compression (N/cm2): >2744; (3), bending resistance (N / cm2): > 490; (4), strength: greater than 75 ~ 100 #;
(5), wear resistance: More than 8000 rpm at 500 g without significant wear; (6), dusting: < 1="" mg/cm2.="">

Guangzhou Foshan inorganic terrazzo material supply terrazzo overview (1), the emergence of a new terrazzo, let the traditional terrazzo floor tiles face almost open. (2) The life cycle of the organic terrazzo is usually 20-40 years; the inorganic terrazzo is the same as the construction. (3), seamlessly splicing the terrazzo, spared the dirt and dirt. (4) The accepted AJS crystallizes or softens, the operation is cumbersome, the use is low, and the effect is satisfactory.

Because of the above reasons, people think that terrazzo is a kind of empty exterior decoration material. Guangzhou Foshan Inorganic Terrazzo Material supplies traditional terrazzo with its unique advantages such as high cost, no color matching, convenient construction, etc. It has a great market in foreign countries, and there are ten terrazzo outside the world. More than 100 million square meters. However, the traditional construction skills form a terrazzo that is very rough and filthy, and even if it is not delivered, it will not be unsatisfactory, and it will bring tensions to the same normal hygiene. However, following the passage of time, there were very prominent problems in practice and application: stains and bleakness. How to make the unweathered and abrasive terrazzo to restore its original beauty and beauty is the subject of the construction and decoration industry becoming more and more urgent.

Guangzhou Foshan Inorganic Terrazzo Material Supply Grinding and Grouting Surface For the weathering and abrasion of terrazzo, the more convenient method at home and abroad is to wash the dirt outside the stone and apply a layer of wax. . This kind of method will play an inevitable role in protecting the outside of the new terrazzo, and delay the rate of natural weathering and abrasion. After a few years of weathering outside the terrazzo, it is only necessary to build the price of the old 25/1, 30/1 for the simple grinding of the air to renovate the terrazzo innovation.

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