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How to solve the dust on the terrazzo floor
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-29

How to solve the dust on the terrazzo floor

The floor of many workshops is made of terrazzo floor, but there will be ashing during use.

Most of these dusts are caused by insufficient cement bond strength, especially the crushing friction of equipment such as frequent vehicles, which may cause ash.

How to solve the ashing phenomenon on the terrazzo floor?

It can be used as an epoxy floor, as a curing and polishing floor, and as a floor penetrant. It is similar to BW205 floor penetration curing agent of Bonwe Building Materials.

Make an epoxy floor on the terrazzo, so if you use the environment of the workshop, if you have high requirements for cleanliness, such as the electronics workshop, you can make epoxy flooring, but the construction cost is large, the cycle is long, and the maintenance is relatively troublesome. .


Making a concrete seal curing agent floor on a terrazzo floor is also a viable solution. Of course, it is not that the concrete curing agent floor completely eliminates dust because its surface is still cement, but first hardened with a water curing agent.

A little bit, then continue polishing with a sander.

There are many reasons for the ash on the concrete floor. Bangwei Building Materials also encountered concrete seal curing agent floor, but there is still grinding and ashing.

In addition, it requires professional construction personnel to stop production and stop work during construction.

Another material is BW205 oily single component floor penetrant similar to Bonwe building materials. This penetrant is an oily, low viscosity resin product that penetrates a portion of the terrazzo floor and the other portion is sealed to the surface.

Good adhesion.

This material has the same function as epoxy flooring and can eliminate dust, but it is much lower than epoxy flooring. Of course, it does not change the flatness of the floor. It only solves the problem of sanding and ash, and is very suitable for solving terrazzo floor problems.

Grinding and ashing.

Users are advised to consider their actual needs before selecting the products to choose.

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