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What is the construction of Guangzhou fashion terrazzo floor?
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-29

How much is the construction of Guangzhou fashion terrazzo floor?

Guangzhou fashion terrazzo floor cleaning, drumming and other issues, cracks, etc.

Guangzhou fashion terrazzo floor can provide a variety of colors, non-toxic environmental protection, short construction period, economical and practical.

In order to become a high-quality corundum terrazzo floor, essential professional construction technology and reasonable design, Seri's solvent-free terrazzo self-leveling anti-static floor coating should use low molecular weight terrazzo resin with reactive diluent and non-reactive diluent. The curing agent reacts to form a film;

The solvent-type terrazzo floor antistatic floor coating may be selected from the group consisting of medium molecular weight terrazzo resin and amine curing agent as film forming materials.

Third, additives

Since the compatibility of the conductive medium with the substrate and the colored pig is not suitable, a suitable wetting and dispersing agent must be selected to solve the floating fading phenomenon, and attention should be paid to the selection and dispersion of the pigment.

Due to the sedimentation of the conductive powder, the antistatic property of the surface of the paint film may be lowered, especially for the self-leveling product, the coating film is thick, the surface drying time is long, and precipitation is more likely to occur. Therefore, some additives must be used to prevent this from happening, and at the same time, it is necessary to prevent the leveling property of the coating from being lowered by the adjuvant.

In addition, additives such as leveling agents and defoamers are also required.

Fourth, curing agent

For self-leveling antistatic floor coatings, modified fatty amine curing usually uses reagents and selects products with different gel times depending on the temperature of the construction environment. It is necessary to consider that the coating has an appropriate lifespan to facilitate construction operations.

It is considered that the drying time should not be too long to avoid precipitation of conductive powder.

Guangzhou fashion terrazzo floor

Guangzhou fashion terrazzo floor

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