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Reasons and solutions for the lack of brightening of inorganic terrazzo
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-07

Inorganic terrazzo floor is popular because of the random color of the color, the inconvenient construction, and the high cost. From the most advanced industry to the current trade, the heat of the terrazzo floor has not been eliminated, and it is in the supermarket, the restaurant and the rice shop. It can be seen in both home and home. The brightness has always been a very eye-catching feature outside the terrazzo. No way, most of them prefer the color and brightness of the terrazzo floor, so they are selected as the terrazzo floor.

However, at some time, after the construction of the inorganic terrazzo is completed, the skin will appear dim, and the radiance will not reach the standard. As for why such a problem arises, most people are unclear. The above small series will briefly talk about the cause and treatment of the brilliance outside the light.

First, the cause of the brightness of the inorganic terrazzo

1. When the grindstone is in irregular specifications, improper use

When the inorganic terrazzo is being constructed outside, the number of polishing is usually not less than 3 times. However, outside the construction, the use of the forbidden house grinding wheel is not uniform, and the request for the second and third grinding stones is not enough attention. Only the stone and the separate strip are required to be clear, but the brightness of the skin phase is lost. Construction request.

2, waxing money is not smeared with oxalic acid solution

Inorganic terrazzo is sprayed with oxalic acid solution before being waxed, and if it is not applied to the solution but is dry rubbed with powdered oxalic acid, it will easily cover the symmetry of oxalic acid. After scrubbing, the cleanliness level of the empty skin phase is not divergent. The spots that are not cleaned will have scars, which indirectly affect the waxing result, and the inorganic terrazzo has a low brightness.

3, using the brushing method to replenish the pulp

The weakness of the brushing method is to relieve the hole in the helplessness. Only a film is formed in the height of the hole. After the polishing, the hole is still in existence, which will cause the inorganic terrazzo to have low brightness.

2. Inorganic terrazzo floor light brightness treatment

Inorganic terrazzo has good brightness and does not need to be knocked out from scratch. It is only necessary to use concrete hardening curing agent to promote the brightness of the air. Whether the concrete dense curing agent can block the pores of the inorganic terrazzo hollow outer skin phase, so that it becomes a dense whole, and then use amateur sanding and multi-layer polishing to make the marble show light. And with the growth of the use of time, the radiance will also grow.

In addition to brightening the inorganic terrazzo, the concrete hardening agent can reach the softening, consolidation, anti-wear, dustproof, waterproof, chemical-resistant, salt-resistant, oil-resistant, quiet and environmentally friendly solid results. The service life of Ping is up to 30 years.

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