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Customized terrazzo for terrazzo commercial flooring
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-06-11

Customized terrazzo for terrazzo commercial flooring

The spc floor of the recently refurbished information is not too hot! It can be seen that readers still like new materials. Today, the editor of Guangzhou Jincheng Floor hopes to welcome everyone to return to another new material - terrazzo. As the standard of hospitals and schools in the 1980s, it is full of state-owned veterans, but now it has become the new favorite of home designers, and has become a popular home fashion, becoming the standard terrazzo floor in the design industry.

Let us first experience how the terrazzo shines.

The trend of pink terrazzo is a perfect collision and full of luxury.

This is a case of terrazzo and color collision, fresh and textured ice green, simple and fashionable charm.

Compared with a few decades ago, after the return of the terrazzo, the old-fashioned fall was completely abandoned, especially in the design of colors, soft macarons, beautiful metallic blocks, low-key gray... household items Also very good. Many people have the impression that terrazzo remains the standard configuration for school and hospital corridors. Although it is wearable, it is impossible to have a cheap feeling.

A terrazzo is a product obtained by mixing gravel, glass, quartz, and other materials into a cement binder after grinding and polishing. Therefore, most of the time it looks rough, the construction period is long, and the cost is high. So far, the manufacturing process of terrazzo has been upgraded several levels. The current terrazzo is very smooth and its curved expression is very suitable for the current decorative art and style. The application location is also very extensive. In addition to the ground, it is also widely used in walls, countertops and other places.

The cast-in-place terrazzo is divided into different aggregates (adding melon seeds, emery, stones, metal or shells, gray cement and white stone aggregates are the most popular), color, popular point is cement, pre-adjusted cement to add different bones It is used for casting and curing, then polishing and polishing. In general, the basic requirements are relatively high and the thickness is about 30~100mm. Costs range from 300 to 1200 / m2. Usually, it is divided into seams. The usual 1.5 meters is used for stitching. The copper strip is mainly inlaid. Good can be 6 * 6 meters.

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