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Meifule new material epoxy terrazzo can also surprise our space
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-03-27

Mentioning the new information Epoxy whetstone, can many people first think of the parents who are in the house, the hospital, the hotel standard floor decoration. Although it is a bit of a price, but it is full of warmth. Epoxy terrazzo is made of composite materials, marble, granite, quartz or glass chip cement or epoxy adhesive. The chip is encased in epoxy or cement, using its strength and war flexibility, it is polished by the machine, then washed, sealed and waxed.

It is based on the new information of the company. The epoxy terrazzo is durable, and the old benefits are low.

Nowadays, the designer's creative use of warfare is high, and the new material of the company is transformed into an international stage for the pride of the world. In the commercial space, home room, furniture, jewelry, lighting and other industries, it has its beautiful figure.

The color of the new material epoxy terrazzo has not been known as the gray inlaid red stone, but red, pink, black, green, and all colors. On the base of these colors, there are all kinds of famous stones, broken jade or broken glass, which are being used in some space groups. The result is whether tiles, cement tiles, wall paints and wallpapers are comparable. Fresh pink, elegant blue, refreshing green, and a calm black color, no same color for the space to build no different style.

Love the cool, minimalist style, choose the time of the epoxy terrazzo, the red color is the most unmistakable choice.

Due to the use of epoxy resin, there have been many groups in recent years that there is no macarons-colored epoxy terrazzo. The texture of the new material Epoxy whetstone has made the macaron's creamy texture not very embarrassing, and it is the choice of the sugar system.

The rich background of the red and blue is so hot that people will feel that the inflammatory day will never end. Although it is not a mosaic, it has a feeling of being in the Mediterranean.

After the construction of the quality enamel epoxy terrazzo, the air hardness is high. After the construction of the Mfol epoxy whetstone, the air hardness can reach more than 7 Mohs hardness. This is honed by the hardness test pen, which is equivalent to the hardness of the marble. Secondly, the permeability of the epoxy terrazzo is high, and the penetration depth is 4-8mm. Is it really so deep? As a simple test, after the construction of the Muffler epoxy whetstone, the metal grinding head of the machine joint venture 50# is ground in the air, and the hardness is measured after grinding to a depth that is not necessary. If the air hardness is still maintained at Mohs 7, the result is not stated. And Yu. The third is the airborne brightness after the construction of the epoxy terrazzo. According to the construction method of the Mfir epoxy whetstone, there is no need for the polishing agent in the air to reach the result of the smooth mirror. The fourth is that the epoxy terrazzo should be repaired. Generally, there are many cracks and micropores in the concrete floor. After the construction of the Mefulo Epoxy Grindstone A agent, the machine is wet-grinded, and the micro-cavity in the air will be fully affected. When it comes to adding, it saves a lot of annoyance.

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