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Guangzhou color terrazzo manufacturers supply
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-04-08

Meifule New Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer dedicated to the research, development, production, sales, design and technical support of special dry powder building materials and related products. Products are widely used in industrial, commercial, educational, health and sports. In order to adapt to the development of China's architectural decoration market, we have developed new dry powder mortar materials that are new, durable, environmentally friendly, fireproof, creative and individual. Combined with the latest technology at home and abroad, we have created first-class building materials at home and abroad. At present, the company has two major brands: Hebei and Beiduo. The use of tiles and stone for the ground is limited by the material itself, either a touch of color or a wave of lines. If you want to design complex patterns in a large space, it is very difficult to achieve. With the magic stone floor, almost any designer's pattern design can be realized during construction. Whether it is complicated lines or various patterns, even the exclusive LOGO mark can be put on the ground to make the building become the design business card and be deeply designed. The love of the teachers. The self-leveling of cement is mainly a leveling material in the liquid state. When the cement is self-leveling and laid on the ground during construction, it can flow on its own. When it flows automatically on the ground in liquid state, it needs to find the low-lying area and fill it in the end. After flowing on the ground, the whole ground flows into a mirror-like flatness, then stands still and finally solidifies. Before cement self-leveling, we need to inspect the ground to achieve self-leveling before we can build it. We must ensure that the ground is dry, and we have to check that the flatness of the ground is not very large. If it is too large, we will It is better to use cement after simple leveling, and we have to make sure that there is no crack on the ground. If there is crack, self-leveling will make the slurry flow easily.

Colored terrazzo

Comparison of colored terrazzo and epoxy grindstone

● Epoxy grindstone uses epoxy resin as binder, consumes energy, and contains formaldehyde toluene. The colored terrazzo uses cement as a binder and is low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

●The epoxy grindstone has an odor during construction and the fireproof is up to B1. There is no smell when the colored terrazzo is constructed, and the A1 level is fireproof.

●The epoxy grindstone is bright in color. Colored terrazzo is added with inorganic pigments and the color is naturally long lasting.

Main features of colored terrazzo: color change, seamless splicing, green environmental protection, natural and durable color, strong layering, clear particles, good impact resistance and wear resistance.

Color terrazzo Applicable scope: Suitable for schools, shopping malls, restaurants, offices, historical buildings, specialty stores, high-end hotels, libraries, offices, villas and other high-end places, can be widely used in wall surface bar and other decorative surfaces.

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