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Seamless cement-based grinding stone construction
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-04-24

With the development of the social industry, the floor industry is also rising. People’s living standards have improved and material conditions have improved. Many of them have higher and higher requirements for the floor. Next, the Jincheng floor will bring netizens to understand the construction of seamless cement-based grindstones. I hope that netizens like it!

The seamless cement-based grindstone construction material is a high-tech environmentally-friendly material developed on the basis of self-leveling of colored cement on the surface layer. The product is selected from high-quality quartz sand, colored aggregate, high-quality special cement and high polymer. And a variety of high-performance additives are scientifically matched, accurately metered, and evenly mixed.

Jincheng seamless cement-based grindstone

The seamless cement-based grindstone construction is based on different design requirements for natural sand and stone proportioning, and is ground to form a natural effect of seamless seamless stitching. The seamless cement-based grindstone floor has the basic characteristics of environmental protection, high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, he can do a whole seamless, color pattern can be customized. Compared to common epoxy and waterborne polyurethanes, the color may not be bright enough, but its natural color just indicates its stability - the service life is more than 10 years. The most important point is that good adhesion ensures that he can withstand heavy loads while strengthening the strength of the base layer. Through the construction process such as polishing and polishing, his brightness is smooth enough to match the marble. This overall seamless ground effect will have a lot of room for development in the fierce and fierce flooring market in the future. Moreover, the cement-based grindstone floor has the characteristics of green environmental protection, non-slip fireproof, high flatness, pressure and wear resistance, and natural color.

Jincheng seamless cement-based grindstone

The application products of cement-based grindstone are as follows:

Cement-based grindstone floor, integral seamless grindstone floor, diamond grindstone floor, terrazzo floor, etc., free to play the designer's brain hole, high wear-resistant, dust-free, beautiful, service life of more than 50 years . Dedicated to high-end customers, create a personalized, high-quality, extraordinary dream space.

The application of cement-based grindstones is extensive:

All commercial, civil and military ground projects in office buildings, supermarkets, factories, warehouses, logistics centers, hospitals, schools, exhibition halls, libraries, station platforms, underground parking lots, etc.

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