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How to color the old art dyeing and curing floor
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-06-11


The old-fashioned art Tianping sensitive color is more beautiful, often using some occasions where there are requests for hardness and appreciation, such as the garage, industrial factory, logistics stack, large supermarket, food factory, and Tianping. Sand disposal, old sky surface innovation, cement surface hardness low treatment.

The old-fashioned Tianping construction is under the new cement surface. It needs to be cured for two weeks to clear the dirt on the lost concrete surface, such as cement slag, paint blocks, dregs, dust and so on. If it is an innovative Tianping, first use the diamond iron plate or the innovative grinding piece to find the sky surface.

After dyeing and curing the Tianping, sweep the lost dust, clean the surface materials, and use the duster to get wet. Before the curing agent, it is necessary to clean the net and dry it. Concrete seal curing agent can be applied when the surface is more than 80% wet. Spray the product on the surface of the sky according to the specified amount, push the dust with the dust, and let the curing agent penetrate into the concrete as much as possible. Continue to polish the surface, the group surface inspection can be dry, clear water, no moisture. After it is wet for 6-8 hours, it is sure to start the dyeing after the substrate is wet and dry.

The dyed solidified roof is mixed with the concrete dye, and the back roller is dyed on the base. First roll the vertical roll and apply the coloring agent every day. After the appearance is soaked, apply it again and let the surface adhere to the moisture for 2-3 hours. If a certain area is not worn, the coloring agent will go to the low-lying belt collection, and the roller will be used to drag the low-lying coloring agent to the surrounding collection, or indirectly to clean the wet with a mop. After the dyeing agent is wetted, the staining agent of the appearance reaction surplus is liquidated and lost by the gasket, and then the concrete staining day protection agent is being rolled.

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