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How was the terrazzo floor born?
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-29

How was the terrazzo floor born?

Most floor structures are now based on wood or tiles. Despite the good results, as the market demand grows, the tidy floor is becoming more tidy, more efficient, simpler, more artistic and more personalized. The terrazzo floor has become a new demand for the flooring industry.

The ground on the board is more afraid of dust and requires very careful and high frequency maintenance. Board panels in particular need to pay attention to fire and moisture. For the current fast-paced urban population, these issues are imminent.

For example, gyms, libraries, underground garages and many other commercial floors want to add LOGO or guide lines, color separation areas, on the floor, etc. For example, kindergarten floors require visual impact.

There are also some special venues where the terrazzo floor is in great demand.

In combination with the above reasons and examples, the art floor was born, but most of the art floors mentioned the stamped floor before, and the definition of terrazzo floor needs to be improved, so the focus of the 2015 Jinshui Grinding Floor.

The terrazzo floor is re-integrated into 11 series of paintings, stamping, antique, parquet, dyeing, pouring, cutting, setting, molding, engraving, creative terrazzo floor, etc., to guide the demanders or consumers to the terrazzo Ping has a deeper understanding.

Terrazzo floor

Terrazzo floor

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