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Where is the terrazzo used? What should be done with terrazzo renovation?
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-30

Where is the terrazzo used? What should be done with terrazzo renovation?

The terrazzo should be heard by a few people! In fact, terrazzo is made by mixing some glass and quartz into the cement slurry and grinding and polishing it with some techniques.

So where is the general terrazzo used? What should be done with terrazzo renovation? Xiaobian takes you to understand!

Where is the terrazzo used?

1. The terrazzo is made of stone chips, cement and other raw materials, then stirred with an appropriate amount of water, stirred evenly, and then applied to the surface of the building for the decoration of the building.

After a brief solidification, pour a little water and polish it with a grinding device or diamond.

The terrazzo can be designed into different finished products according to the designer's needs. As long as different colors are added to the raw materials such as cement, and then the terrazzo is made of different colors, the designer can realize the decoration of different patterns.

2, the ground characteristics of terrazzo is sturdy and durable, beautiful and easy to clean, good overall, smooth and flat. However, the disadvantage is that the construction process is complicated, the construction noise is large, the cycle is long, and the construction site is relatively easy to pollute.

It is usually used for bathroom partitions and window sills. If it is a public place, it is mainly used in hospitals, office decorations, factory floors, aisles or bathroom floors, but it is more suitable for wet places.

3. Since terrazzo can be cut into various pieces, it is widely used in restaurants, hotels, train stations and other spaces because it has wear-resistant and colorful colors.

At the same time, the requirements for cleanliness are very high, so it is also suitable for health centers, research institutes, etc., and the effect is also very good.

What should be done with terrazzo renovation?

1. First, the old terrazzo should be coarsely ground, and then the terrazzo layer should be polished to achieve a new surface and smooth the terrazzo floor;

2, after the ground can be cured, the main reason is to strengthen the hardness of the ground, in fact, also prepare the subsequent terrazzo polishing;

3, then the terrazzo renovation, this grinding needs to be refined step by step.

It should be noted that the last grinding should eliminate the traces left after the above grinding, the final performance is fine and smooth, and the gloss has begun to appear;

4 . Finally, it is polished. As long as it is treated on the surface of the new terrazzo, the surface will be hard, bright, beautiful, and prevent the infiltration of oil and water.

The above is about the use of terrazzo and terrazzo renovation, I hope I can help you.

I believe that after reading the above, you will be able to give you some inspiration and better use terrazzo to design different finished products.

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