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How to clean and maintain inorganic terrazzo floors
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-28

Inorganic terrazzo, also known as grindstone, is a product that is ground and polished by mixing aggregates such as gravel, glass and quartz into cement binders. A condensation product is formed.

A terrazzo made of cement bonding material is called an inorganic terrazzo. A terrazzo made of an epoxy resin bonding material is also called an epoxy grindstone or an organic grindstone. The terrazzo is placed on site by terrazzo and prefabricated terrazzo floors.

However, after a long period of use, there will be some damage to the stone, so how to solve and maintain the inorganic terrazzo?

01. Inorganic terrazzo initial maintenance: completely sealed wax

The porous cement ore is suitably sealed with a non-yellow wax from the inside with wax.

In the first few months, the ground must be wiped every day to remove minerals from the ground; after thorough cleaning, it may be necessary to wax again.

02. Every day: sweep with a broom, vacuum

Or use a treated oil-free mop to remove dust; use a synthetic fiber mat to polish without steel wool.

03. Regular: wet or wipe with a machine

First wet the floor with clean wet water, use a soft detergent, scrub and polish with a mop or vacuum cleaner; seal the wax with a synthetic resin recommended by the supplier.

04. Day 2: Polishing with a synthetic polish configured as a terrazzo

Using this technology, if properly maintained, the ground can be waxed for several years without wax, and the wax can be extended to three years or more.

If the terrazzo floor is badly damaged, place a new floor and reseal the wax.


First, steel wool cannot be used because it can damage the floor or fade the floor; if needed, a small amount of detergent can be used.

Once, alkaline cleaners cannot be used, which can corrode the ground and cause spalling.

Again, if the painted floor is not completely sealed, a cleaning disinfectant with a pH as low as 6.5 can damage the terrazzo floor.

After that, work vehicles and other equipment should pay attention to selecting the appropriate casters to protect the ground.

Also, the terrazzo floor should be cleaned daily, and dust and dust should be used to remove dust and clean the work from time to time.

It is best to place the dust pad at the entrance to the hall and pass through the sand of the shoe to reduce sand and dust.

In public spaces, terrazzo floors will inevitably encounter oil, tea, coffee, cola, ink and other stains. These stains easily penetrate into the interior of the stone through the pores, creating annoying stains.

Since the protective agent can not block the pollution for a long time, it is necessary to immediately remove the pollution source and fall on the stone to prevent the pollutant from penetrating into the pores of the stone.

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