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The advantages and disadvantages of terrazzo floor construction process of terrazzo floor process
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-08

First, the benefits of water millstone floor

1. After the surface of the terrazzo floor is brightly treated, the brightness reaches 70 or more, and the dust and anti-slip reaches the marble character.

2. The hardness of the terrazzo floor skin reaches 6-8.

3. Whether the terrazzo floor is randomly spliced, the color and color are customized.

4, no cracking, no fear of heavy car rolling, no fear of heavy objects dragging, no shortening deformation.

5, no dust, cleanliness; cleanliness, satisfactory pharmaceutical, chip creation and other clean conditions.

6, flame retardant, anti-aging, anti-fouling, corrosion resistance, no odor without any purification.

7, the brilliance is bright and clean, if you need to mention the clean and ordinary floor wax (has not affected its anti-static function).

8. The frame of the frame is horizontal and vertical, and there is no need for gaps between the divisions. The connection is dense and the group is beautiful.

9. The construction function and machine function are the same as the excellent terrazzo floor for various types of construction. It is suitable for the national standard GB50209-2002, and the JC507-1993 is suitable for the construction of terrazzo finished products.

Second, what are the defects in the waterstone floor?

1. The weight of the terrazzo floor is heavy

The terrazzo floor is a mixed soil product. The weight of a terrazzo floor is about 5kg. The heavier the terrazzo floor is, the more heavy it is, making it very time-consuming and labor-intensive.

2, difficult to weather, difficult to erode, short life

The terrazzo floor has poor anti-erosion power. If it is used in the case of erosion, the scouring floor will be washed with the aggressive cleaning agent, which will form a major erosion of the floor. Then the service life of the terrazzo floor will be greatly discounted. For more than a decade, it can only be used for a few years.

3, no fire, weak permeability.

There are quite a lot of open spaces outside the terrazzo floor. These empty spaces are not only able to hide the ash layer and can pass through the fire. If there are fire stains outside the air, they will be able to infiltrate into the air and go outside, and will be out of the air. The stains are also taken down, and it is very difficult to purify the terrazzo floor.

The terrazzo floor is a finished product that mixes the gravel into the fire mud and polishes the skin after molding. It is expensive and clean. At the moment, it has been selected by many people outside the decoration. The surface of the stone has many advantages. The skin is very flat and lubricated, and the surface is also very beautiful. There is no ash.

Terrazzo floor process construction process

1, for screed

For the leveling layer, use 1:3 wet hard mud mortar, first flatten the mortar, then use a pressure ruler to flatten the squeezing ribs, and then use a wooden trowel to smooth and compact.

2, the grid inlay

The miscellaneous fire mud is being smeared in the lower part of the grid to form a splayed corner. The long seat is embedded and consolidated, and the wire stripped from the copper strip is buried. The smear of the miscellaneous fire mud is 3 to 5 mm lower than the grid, and the grid should be inlaid and consolidated. The top surface is in a uniform plane, and the flatness and straightness are checked through the line.

3, smudged stone surface layer

The mudstone slurry must be rigorously measured according to the common ratio. The stone pulp surface must be brushed with the hair twice to remove the surface slurry. The stone is evenly smeared, and then the iron trowel is used to smooth the compaction until the pan. The request is to flatten the raft, and the stone on the top of the grid should be broken.

4, polishing

Large-area construction should be ground with a machine grinder, and whether it is ground by a small portable grinder in a small area or at a corner, whether it is used for grinding when it is completely used.

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