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Terrazzo manufacturer ground construction price - how much is terrazzo floor?
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-19

Terrazzo manufacturer ground construction price - how much is terrazzo floor? The price problem depends first on which material you use in the terrazzo. There are two types of terrazzo: one is the ordinary terrazzo construction, and the other is the colored terrazzo construction. The products of the two terrazzo are different and the price will be different. On the other hand, the area is different and the price will be different. The price in the north is slightly higher. The price of ordinary terrazzo is 40-60 yuan a square meter, and the price of colored terrazzo is 50-100 yuan a square meter. The price of terrazzo in the South is lower than that in the northern market. The specific situation depends on what materials you make, the size of the venue, and so on.

The ground construction price of terrazzo manufacturers is related to many factors, such as materials, patterns, thickness, etc., which affect his price. The field of Guangzhou terrazzo floor industry has formed a climate in the decoration industry. However, the ground price of Guangzhou terrazzo is uneven, which causes a certain confusion in the market of Guangzhou terrazzo floor industry. Then, why is the price of raw materials for terrazzo manufacturers increasing? On the contrary, is the price of Guangzhou terrazzo ground high or low?

The terrazzo manufacturer Jincheng terrazzo manufacturer is a professional service provider of terrazzo with no sand and no ash. After more than 10 years of construction experience and research, it mainly summarizes the following reasons that affect the ground price of Guangzhou terrazzo:

The threshold for entry of terrazzo manufacturers is not high

1. Due to the terrazzo market, many low-end small companies or construction teams have joined the terrazzo industry, causing chaos in the construction of terrazzo manufacturers.

2. Now many customers have no concept of terrazzo, and they think that the terrazzo floor is basically the same.

3. Nowadays, many enterprises are constantly looking for and satisfying the needs of customers. The industry as a whole will have a lack of innovation, and products tend to be assimilated. Then the price has become the decisive factor, resulting in a price war between countless companies.

There are two factors affecting the ground price of Guangzhou terrazzo:

1. Objective factors: determined by the market;

2. Subjective influencing factors: Customer's insights and recognition of terrazzo manufacturers.

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