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Epoxy anti-static terrazzo performance characteristics - epoxy anti-static terrazzo maintenance
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-19

Epoxy anti-static terrazzo is a ground protection material for enterprises that needs anti-static interference in the production of electronics, electrical appliances and precision instruments. For the special requirements of precision electronics, precision instruments, precision instruments and other production sites, use epoxy resin anti-static The terrazzo construction can effectively reduce the repair rate and wear and tear of the finished products of precision electronic products, and reduce the harm of carrying low-voltage static electricity to the precision electronic products in the production process.

Antistatic terrazzo

Epoxy antistatic terrazzo

Epoxy anti-static terrazzo application range: high-purity, beautiful, dust-free, sterile electronic, microelectronics industry where anti-static requirements are required.

Thin coating method: warehouses or light work places, computer rooms and passages for electronic parts, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, printed matter, etc.

Self-leveling method: electronic equipment, precision optics, semiconductors, etc., computer room, operating room.

Epoxy antistatic terrazzo performance characteristics

Made of solvent-free high-grade epoxy resin and high-quality curing agent;

The surface is smooth, beautiful, and has a mirror effect;

Corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, salt and oil media, especially good for strong alkali resistance;

Wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, impact-resistant, with some flexibility.

Antistatic terrazzoAntistatic terrazzo

Epoxy anti-static floor epoxy anti-static floor

Epoxy anti-static terrazzo floor features

. Avoid electronic interference with sensitive equipment. Avoid accumulation of static electricity, causing sparks to explode

. The floor is wear-resistant, can be kept clean and dust-free, and can withstand the crushing of material transport vehicles.

. In warehouses and factory areas, the floor is resistant to water, acid, alkali and other chemicals.

. It is easy to repair when the floor is partially damaged, and has strong adhesion to the base surface.

Epoxy anti-static terrazzo maintenance

1. Clean the floor with a soft broom on weekdays, or wipe it with a rag. Regularly use bright wax to maintain it every month.

2. When the floor spills into acid or alkali, it should be washed immediately with water.

3. In case the floor is damaged, it can only be repaired.

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